Ever wondered how successful Sparta had been as a nation, if the citizens (read Spartans) not emphasized the virtue of an austere and disciplined life? For them exercise and fitness regimens were not options but their ways of life.

Staying fit is imperative for every individual in the contemporary fast-paced world, more so for students who need stamina and superior mental and physical abilities to perform at their level best.

However, a large number of people in developed and developing world have outsourced their manual and heavy-lifting activities to machines due to which their lives have got a lot easier and, well, sedentary.

The inheritances of a sedentary lifestyle are the numerous health conditions afflicting millions of people all over the world such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cardiac problems, gout, to name a just few.

In such a scenario, fitness has taken a backseat and has been relegated to a fad that comes handy only on some special occasions when one is looking for ways for temporary weight reduction.

Many people, including students, complain that their workload, deadlines, and busy lives don’t allow them to invest some of their time in exercise.

However, what many don’t realize is that exercise does not require countless hours of their days. When integrated in our daily schedule, exercise becomes a way of life and it helps us remaining fit and provides us with oodles of stamina and strength to meet the demands of our work and still enjoy life.

How fitness can be a way of life:

To make fitness a way of life, one has to make some sacrifices and take up the seemingly tough choices. But the return will be much more in the longer run and it will be worth the effort.

1. Eat healthily: A healthy body is not built in the gym but from the kitchen. You owe your body healthy food for its better growth and development. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and load your meals with all key nutrients. Don’t go overboard with a particular diet or a crash diet. You can eat everything in moderation but try to avoid junk foods as much as you can.

2. Cycle to work or school: This is another effective way to integrate fitness regimen into your daily routine. With cities roads becoming congested with heavy traffic, cycling is an efficient and cleaner way of reaching your destination in a faster way. Cycling to school/work makes more sense if you stay a few miles away from it. It will keep you fighting fit, save fuel costs, and cut down your carbon footprint.

3. Do your own chores: The idea of doing your laundry, mowing your lawn, cleaning you room, washing your car, ironing your clothes, or taking the dog for a walk may not sound appealing to you. But you know what; these can actually make you fitter over a period of time. When integrated to your daily activity, you actually spend more energy than you think when you do these chores. By doing your own chores you will not only remain fit but you will also save the cash you would have otherwise spent by giving that work to someone else.

4. Walk, jog, run: Nothing beats a good brisk walk, jog, or run for at least 20 minutes in the early morning. These are some of the best cardio workouts and they are a good way to start one’s day.

5. Try yoga or tai-chi: Yoga and tai-chi are not only great exercises to keep yourself physically fit, but these are great for the mental and spiritual wellbeing. Yoga and tai-chi are known to boost productivity and reduce stress and depression.

6. Join a gym or take up martial arts: You can join a gym or take up a martial arts program such as wrestling, kickboxing, taekwondo, judo, karate, kung fu, etc. These can keep you fit as well as teach you self defense.

7. Play a sport: To keep fit, you can play a sport such as football, volleyball, tennis, badminton, cricket, hockey, rugby, baseball, etc. By playing one of these sports, you will not only remain fit, but you will also enjoy yourself and stay happy

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