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Why Video Content Marketing is the Demand of the Time?

Video and Marketing share a relation as it is for bread and butter. Ranging between the pilot batch TV commercials to Snapchat, YouTube Video, and Facebook Live- videos occupy a major part of contemporary life. For marketers, Videos are versatile, attractive, and shareable tools to gain optimum customer engagement. From the viewpoint of viewers, videos are the most engaging information sources. The fact is, Video marketing comes 600% more effective than conventional marketing tools and resources. Videos are the most effective resources for driving a successful Content Marketing campaign. It enables Content Marketer to educate his/her target audience most engagingly. Hence, even in this regard, you will find exceeding the use of these resources. 

Facts and figures about the effectiveness of Video Content

What is driving Content Marketers to prioritize video content over other alternatives? There should be some factors that drive Content Marketers to prioritize these resources. The following points support this claim. :

  • ·75 Million US people watch at least one video a day. The picture is no different in other parts of the globe. 
  • ·Emails with the term Video mentioned in its subject line gets around 15% more views.
  • More than 50% of videos play on Mobile devices
  • 2-Minute long Videos secure the best engagement with viewers. 

Considering these facts and figures, one can easily understand, why Content Marketers majorly rely on Video content. Moreover, as it involves a reasonable cost in creating a video, it ensures the optimum return on your investment. Consequently, Video content is the demand of the time. IN case you are still relying on text content or images and pictures, you need to shift to Video content right now!! If you approach it with the right orientation, doing the right things at the right time, you can certainly offer a significant impetus to your campaign. 

Why do you need to use videos in your content marketing campaigns?

  • Your audience prefers Video content: Your target customers stand in the center of all of your activities. You must cope with their choices and liking. Else, you get to a backbench. Today, viewers come across various types of content. Research suggests they appreciate and love video content the most. Consequently, you cannot afford to rely more on other types of content. Around 75 million people in the US view at least one video a day. The picture is the same in other countries. As such, your content marketing campaigns must majorly rely on video content. 
  • Video content earns you optimum customer engagement: Consolidating customer engagement is the basic purpose of driving a Content Marketing program. Consequently, Content Marketers try all those tricks that are likely to match this purpose. In that regard, video content comes the most effectively. Not only the audience prefers these resources, but it comes the most engaging. 
  • Cost-effective solution: The cost of driving campaigns matters a lot. Even if you cannot compromise with the efficiency of your campaign, you cannot let the expenses rise in an uncontrolled manner. Video content helps you to bridge these conflicting interests. Creating a unique marketing video call for minimum time and fiscal investments. The Online Video Maker streamlines your effort in this regard. Consequently, you can expect the optimum return on your investment. This is one of the key factors that accounts for the massive popularity of Video content among Content Marketers. You can certainly expect the most fascinating outcome. 
  • Viewers remember 95% of the messages, coming as Videos. 
  • Video contents generate up to 1200% more shares than text contents and images. 
  • End-user engagement rises 35%, using Video content. 
  • Click through rate rises 15%, when an email has the term Video mentioned in its subject line. 
  • Web traffic enhances 55% when a website includes embedded videos. 
  • 49% faster revenue generation by using Video Content. 
  • 80% and above enhancement in Landing page conversion 
  • A 150% rise in Organic Traffic 

These facts and figures justify why you need to embrace video content in your campaigns. For sure, you can expect significant improvements in the engagement with your target customers. Not trying these resources, you are turning away from the prevailing trends. 

Video Marketing Tricks and Tips

You must optimize your video content for the best Mobile Viewing experience. Today, more than 50% of videos run on mobile devices. If a viewer experiences any issue in loading and viewing the video, he/she will immediately churn away from your content. As such, you need to optimize your video content for the best viewing experience. Always capture your videos in a square format as it facilitates smooth viewing, without the need to rotate a mobile device. Moreover, 85% of videos play without a sound. As such, you must create the best visual impact to secure the optimum engagement. Here, the visual impact matters more than the sound. You can also better optimize videos if you transcribe them. By converting videos to text and including transcripts, you can increase search traffic.

You need to be concerned with the video length. Excessively-short videos will not deliver the message in the right manner. On the other hand, longer videos will bore your viewers. Hence, deciding the right length is the trick. Research outcomes suggest that Content marketing videos should be around 2 minutes long to create the best impact. However, you must identify the points that need a highlight. Include those points that address the specific requirements and needs of your target audience community. 

Your videos should trigger curiosity and interest. As such, focus on storytelling. You must do it in a way that drives viewers to watch the video until the end. Remember, the longer is the length of view, better will be the engagement with viewers. As a trick in this context, raise questions that your viewers will find relevant. This is a simple trick to consolidate their attention to your videos. 

Once you start using video content, you can always expect the most delightful outcome. This is the demand of the time, and hence, you must comply with it, if you have to retain the relevance of your business. 

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