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Why You Need To Hire A Swift Developer

Swift helps to build apps as the native language for Apple ecosystem: iOS, watchOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS. Thus, mobile apps and desktop programs can be run. Recently, those mobile apps can be run on a computer. So a business that chooses to hire programmers in this field wins on several counts. In this article, we will tell you why you need a Swift developer and how not to be mistaken in choosing this specialist.

The Benefits of Using the Language for Your Business


Swift developers use the language to write not only apps for smartphones and laptops, but also for servers running an Apple OS. It is really convenient for usage, as the result can be seen immediately without any first compiling. With such optimization of work many complex apps are written with the language, so they can perform at maximum.

Among the advantages of the Swift language for developing business applications, there are 5 main ones:

  1. Openness. You can participate in the development of this language, as it is open-source code. Due to the direct participation of the programming community, it becomes more useful everyday.
  2. Flexibility. Swift works excellent on Apple operating systems – but not limited to it. It is possible to develop an OS with open-source Linux, and some developers have even adapted it to Android.
  3. Simplicity. Clarity and simplicity of Swift-code as Apple made the language as intuitive for developers as it was possible.
  4. Convenience. Swift can be used with a wide variety of tools and systems: Xcode development environment, AppCode or even any text editor. The developer can check the functionality of the program code immediately after it is posted on GitHub.
  5. Functionality. Inheriting essential features of C and Objective-C, Swift also brings much new functionality. It is faster, more secure and flexible, so skillful iOS developer Swift could solve almost any issue.

Many programming patterns that help the developer avoid mistakes are already built into the language code. For example, error handling allows control over recovery, and the language automatically manages memory.

“The simplest and most obvious way is always the best” – this main principle behind Swift’s syntax is the reason for the language actively developing, becoming more convenient and replenishing each version with new features.

There are no other languages for mobile app development except Swift in the Apple ecosystem. As well as XCode, it is the only official IDE for this. On the one hand, that limits the choice; on the other hand, you have a specialized tool for work.

Games and 3D graphics are made using the Metal API (the official library from Apple). And the ARKit library allows you to create augmented reality (AR) applications.

Another of the primary purposes of the language is desktop applications for macOS. However, development is also done in Xcode using many native code and UI libraries. In addition, Visual Studio 2019 allows you to write in Swift on Windows.

Skills Swift Developer Needs to Obtain

Swift developer is a calling because only talented and persistent people can achieve success working in this direction. Developers spend a lot of time educating themselves, constantly monitoring market trends and the mood of potential buyers. Therefore, talent, dedication, and an adequate assessment of one’s abilities are important.

Let’s consider the main types of work that an Apple developer Swift does:

  • creation of software and updates for devices running on the mobile IOS OS;
  • writing those. documentation for the created software products;
  • debugging and testing applications for OS from Apple;
  • downloading software products in the App Store;
  • resolving controversial issues related to downloading software in the App Store;
  • debugging the application based on the results of user assessments (adding new functions, making minor edits, etc.).

When interviewing, ask the candidate the following questions:

  • You need to check out the code from the repository. Your actions?

Answer: Version control is essential for any project. The most commonly used systems are Git and SVN. SVN is based on a centralized version control system. This is the repository where working copies are created, and you need a network connection to access them. Authorization of changes is carried out along a specific path; the system tracks changes by registering each file, the complete history of changes can be viewed only in the repository.

Git uses a distributed version control system. The programmer will have a local repository where he can work, and a network connection is needed only for synchronization. When you modify a working copy, the state of the entire directory is preserved, but only the changes made are logged; both the repository and working documents have a complete change history.

  • What architectural patterns will you follow when creating your project?

Answer: There is a wide range of patterns used in mobile application development: MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIPER. Depending on the project, the developer must choose one of them.

Levels and skills of Swift developer:

  • Junior: can create a news application that communicates with the JSON API, knows how to use Cocoapods, knows how to prevent and fix memory leaks, understands Delegation, Target-Action and MVC.
  • Middle: can quickly design and implement a fast and reliable chat module, knows why applications cannot use SPM, but Carthage can be used, often uses official documentation, skillfully uses Observer, Facade and Mediator templates, writes unit tests, tried TDD and UI tests.
  • Senior: can set standards for team behavior, define an easily maintainable test pyramid with non-overlapping coverage areas, take responsibility for peers’ design decisions.

It is important to remember that a company should focus on personal qualities in addition to hard technical skills. A Swift programmer has the following personality traits:

  • perseverance;
  • attentiveness;
  • self-discipline;
  • a responsibility;
  • punctuality.

Also, the developer often has to interact with designers, project managers, and other programmers. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to work in a team and be diplomatic.

Swift developer salary in the USA is $105,526, while to hire Swift developer in Denmark is $73,078. You can find such a specialist for $9120 in Ukraine and in Germany for $94,264.


The demand for Swift development is growing now, including due to large companies that create their business applications. The main distinguishing feature of the Swift language in comparison with all its predecessors is speed. The faster the app runs, the better the UX and the higher the sales for the business. An efficient and simple implementation of error handling minimizes critical errors and scenarios, and the developer constantly monitors development trends to implement them in favor of the business.

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