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You should definitely do online betting on site 1xbetbd.com, and here’s why

There’s a great website that is currently being talked about as the next big thing globally. It’s 1xBet, and it has finally arrived in Bangladesh. With it you will find the greatest odds available for all kinds of sports imaginable; and, of course, we’re also talking about football, which is one of the most demanded sport in the world’s history. It is great, of course — you should definitely try it out — and in the future we might have something more to do online betting on site 1xbetbd.com. 

That happens because recently Robin Van Persie gave a juicy interview in which he argued for the creation of the BeNe League – that is the joint football league of Belgium and the Netherlands. And how does that sound? In his view, it would be very competitive and increase the level of all teams, while not demanding much in terms of travelling and structural changes.

As crazy as this might seem, this is not the first time someone has suggested this sort of experiments: there have been talks about dismantling the European Champions League and have a more restrict competition with the richer clubs in Europe; in any case, that’s just more leagues and championships to do online betting on site 1xbetbd.com! 

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There are a couple of further ideas one could have regarding merging of current football leagues:

  • Iberian League, which would merge the greatest clubs in Portugal and Spain – although, of course, no team in Portugal could come near the level of the top ones in Spain;
  • a United Kingdom championship, that would unite the three top leagues in the UK;
  • the Franco-German league, which would be one of the greatest sports events in the world — just imagine the dimension of Bayern – Lyon!

And, of course, this would raise a lot of new opportunities regarding football betting on 1xbet!

Although this proposal is very exciting, there is also opinions to the contrary: that national championships should stay as it is, and that to merge leagues would be a massive disrespect to the established history of each country’s sports.

In any case, we will keep following the opinions on sports related personalities that might have something to contribute to this discussion — don’t forget Robin Van Persie is one of the biggest legends in Dutch football, and has made great fortunes to all sorts of people that did football betting on 1xbet!

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Of course, should any new league emerge in the foreseeable future, we will be the first to share the news with everyone. Also, we can vouch that this particular betting service will surely provide streams for the users interesting in this next big league to watch sport online – 1xbet!

For now, Robin Van Persie might be worrying more about the form in which the Netherlands National Team will arrive at the Euro 2021, with lots of its players nearing a very critical age for top-league performance in the sport.

We are all very excited about the possibility of having new leagues to bet into. A BeNe League would have exciting new big games, such as Ajax – Brugge, and would also nurture lots of new talents in the sport. Should it go ahead or not, one thing is certain: you can always watch sport online – 1xbet at any given time, on any platform you should prefer. Give it a try!

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