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4 Tips And Tricks On Viewing Private Snapchat Profiles And Stories

Snapchat came in 2011 and changed the way people interact. This popular social media app doubles as a messaging platform. It allows people to post content on their profiles and chat with others using videos and photos that disappear after their intended recipients have viewed them. Snapchat enables users to remain in the present moment by deleting photo/video conversations that have already happened.   

Despite Snapchat being a social platform, it’s common to come across private accounts. These profiles are only visible to their connections. And if you want to view these profiles, you would have to add them and be accepted by them. However, you may be one of those people who want to keep it discreet or low-key. Perhaps you don’t want them to notice you. 

While Snapchat doesn’t offer features that let you view private Snapchat accounts, there are tricks you can use to bypass their profiles and stories. We’ll now look at clever ways to do this.

1. Ask Your Friends For Help

Since Snapchat has 332 million users, there’s a high chance that your friend could be friends with your target account. So, if you’re lucky enough, they can help you out. Are you interested in figuring out how your adolescent child behaves while away from home? There might be a fellow parent who can come through for you. Or do you suspect your partner’s cheating on you and believe you can get some evidence on Snapchat? That might even be easier through friends. If they are friends with your target account, ask for their phone and view your target’s profile and stories freely.  

There’s nothing unethical about viewing the social media profiles of the people under your care, such as children and even those that owe you a certain level of commitment. So long as you do it responsibly and for their sake, ask your friends for help to view their private profiles.

2. Use A Fake Snapchat Account

Consider creating a fake profile using details that would not tie you to it. With this account, you can access your target’s profile and stories. That is if they accept your friend request. It’s essential not to add your photos and share any details from your original account if you want to be discreet. 

Since not many people are willing to accept friend requests from strangers, try to make your profile seem as authentic as possible. You can increase your account’s appeal by adding a few stories that make your account believable. After viewing their stories, you may want to delete your information, especially if this is a one-time endeavor. 

However, there’s always the possibility that your target won’t accept your request to connect. If that happens, consider other methods.  

3. Ask Them Directly

Sometimes, you must master the inner strength that allows you to feel comfortable about making your target aware of your intentions to check on them. You may have to ask them directly to give you access to their accounts so you can keep an eye on them. However, this is only possible when you have a healthy relationship with your target. For instance, if you feel your bond with your growing children is strong enough, you can always ask their permission to view their private Snapchat stories. However, beware that this might not go down well with a child who highly guards their privacy, and it will be a total flop with a suspected cheating spouse.

4. Use Snapchat Story Viewer Tools

If all the above methods fail, consider outsourcing service to sites that help you access private Snapchat profiles. Snapchat story viewer tools can provide peace of mind by letting you know if your loved ones are using the internet responsibly. 

While considering which tool to use, it will help first to read their online reviews since some of them have a poor reputation. Some reputable and popular sites that can help you to view private Snapchat profiles include UMobix, XMobi, and EyeZy.  

UMobix is an app that can help track your target’s private Snapchat profile and view their stories even after they disappear from their feed. It is compatible with Android and Apple. 

XMobi is a straightforward site that instantly lets you into your target’s private Snapchat profile after providing their username. You can read all their private chats and incoming and outgoing messages through this site. This one is ideal for a suspected cheating partner.  

EyeZy is also ideal if you’re just concerned about keeping an eye on your children’s Snapchat activities. Once you log into the control panel, you’ll be in a position to view all their activities.

Final Word

There are many ways of using Snapchat, making it fun for people to enjoy and connect with each other. Although viewing your friends’ profiles is easy, the same cannot be said about private accounts. However, many blogs with reliable information guides and resources can help you overcome such social media challenges. Never worry about someone you’re interested in having a private Snapchat account. Most of the above methods can open such accounts without notifying them.