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Best Mobile Apps for Digital Marketing

A digital marketers take a more advantage from the mobile application innovations. There are different software which make the work easier from post a blog to doing any marketing campaign, these application help user to get the information about their business in fingers.

This article is explain different application that is helpful to keep update and manage all the social media activities.

The Best Social Media Management Apps

It is develop in 2008, Hootsuite is a dashboard through which you can post, control, monitor and analysis your social media website. It give easy way to approach all your social media channels also give you a predict data base on analysis to make decision. You can easily install Hootsuite in Android and iOS applications.

Buffer is use to control and maintain your social media account at once. Through this you can monitor your post status. Buffer is available to install on iOS and Android.

Nimble is one of the most successful application to make strong relationship with social media channels. It is truly base on CRM platform application which offer a digital communication. It is also install in iOS and Android.

Best RSS News Reader

Feedly is a RSS news reader website that offer you to get information all of your favorite blogs and website in one location. It has different feature like “Popular” it is at the top of the feed it has all content also have customized sharing through which you can send articles according to the person you know. Feedly can be install on both.

The Official Facebook App

Facebook application is one of the most famous application which is long leading and most downloaded application among all social networking sites and also both user can used this application either it is Android and iOS user. Through Facebook now it is easy to like and share knowledge with your friends and relatives. Many business use Facebook for advertising and promote their business.

Best Blogging Apps

WordPress is a blogging tool for business purpose as well as general blog. You can also change and edit your blog through your smart phones you can install a WordPress from App store or Google Play.

Blogger app is basically design for blogging but it is not as largely used as WordPress. You can control your blog editing and users comments through your smart phones. You can share your location and upload pictures. You can install blogger from App store and Google play.

The Official LinkedIn App

LinkedIn is helpful to build your professional career. Stay update from your LinkedIn, check industry requirement, follow LinkedIn users, search jobs and companies.

It is actually a real place to maintain a good relation with experience and professionals and update your post to catch attention of other professionals. This application is also available on iOS and android.

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Best Apps for Keeping Up with Digital Developments

Mashable is give you a latest new related to technology, mobile application and information, tools and social networking sites. With the help of Do My Assignment channels you can see different channels there are different list separated by author name and other.

Mashable is for those who want an industry news before it breaks, to stay up to date in developments and never be left in the dark.  It is available to install from Google play and Apple store.

Best Digital Marketing Reference Apps

Quora is a great platform for those marketers who want information from reliable sources.  Users can ask a question and get real answers from people in the know as well as the option to post blogs.  The app invites other users to help each other by paying and sharing their own knowledge in such a platform.

Quick Win Digital Marketing Lite is a useful app that give answers to the top 100 digital marketing questions. The app is designed in five parts so you can dip in and out looking for answers to questions as they arise:

  • Digital Essentials, are the introduction to digital marketing techniques and tools and how your business can use these tool and method.
  • Digital Toolbox, practical advice for marketers on how to specific things using digital applications
  • Digital Marketing, how you can use digital marketing to promote your business.
  • Branding Online, a critical topic for all businesses of all sizes
  • Managing, Measuring and Money Making online, where it all comes together.

It is only install from Apple store.

Best Project File Sharing Apps

Drop Box allows you to store, sync and share folders online on a straightforward interface.  Use the Drop Box app to store photos, videos and documents and access them anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

Drop box offer you to save and share data online. You can use drop box to save photos, videos and even your important documents and get all these information at any time via an internet connection.

There is also an option to share Drop Box files with your colleagues and other contacts.  Drop Box is available to install on both Google play and Apple store.

Different digital marketing agencies now use Google Drive instead of Drop Box.  Like Drop Box, you can sync Google Drive with your phone and you can share documents with colleagues.  The app gives you access to all your files on any mobile device as well as being able to invite others to view, edits or comment on any of your stored files.

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