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Experience of Taking HCIE Exam

I didn’t take the CCNA test. I took the HUAWEI HCIE certification exam. Before taking the HCIE certification test, I learned the difference between CISCO certification and HUAWEI certification.

To be honest, CISCO certification is similar to HUAWEI certification, but it is developed at home and abroad respectively. The value of CCNA certificate is the same as that of HUAWEI HCIA certification. The knowledge you need to learned are network-based concepts. It will take you about 3 to 4 weeks to complete self-study, and then you can just recite the question bank.

But to be honest, if you really want to develop abroad, why do you take the CCNA exam? The value is so low that you are not necessarily accepted in China, let alone CISCO certification of foreign origin. Moreover, CCNA test is in English. If your English is not good, you have to spend time learning English. It will take only a month for self-study and it takes longer to learn English. You can prepare for CCIE if you have these time.

If you don’t have the idea of developing abroad and plan to develop in China, I suggest you take the new version of HCIE certification exam. HUAWEI’ s market is becoming more and more influential. The new HUAWEI HCIE certification policy can make more people want to take the exam, so that HUAWEI expert network engineers can meet the needs of social talents.

As for how long does it take to prepare for HCIE certification exam? I can tell you that self-study will take about a year and a half or even longer. The difficulty of HCIE itself still exists, and the possibility of passing by self-study is very small. The expert level certificate corresponds to high value and difficult technology.

I suggest signing up for online training courses. Now the pandemic situation is too unsafe. The pandemic will break anytime and anywhere. Life is more important!

I got HCIE certification by learning at online training institution. It took me 9 months. The training fee was about 1362$, and adding the examination fee, the total cost was more than 1513$. 

At that time, my weekly class time was two hours from 8 pm to 10 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The time was very free and I didn’t need to go outside. It was equivalent to not watching dramas for two hours after work. The teacher gave us classes in the way of live broadcasting. Although I couldn’t see the real person, the teacher was also responsible and gave us answers carefully. Even if someone couldn’t go to class, the teacher would record and broadcast the class. Don’t worry about not keeping up with the progress.

Including the later examination registration and examination process, the teacher will help you arrange things clearly. Similarly, you can get a lot of the latest materials and the latest test information. Frankly speaking, it is to spend money on services to ensure that your learning level is high and your passing rate is high.

In addition to the current new version of the exam, it is difficult for you to find the question bank. You don’t know what will be in the exam, and you don’t have accurate resource information. I estimate that there will be a lot of new knowledge points, and the new policy will change.

So I suggest you sign up for class if you really want to take the new version of HCIE certification exam. After you take the exam this year, you can start looking for a job next year!

As for finding a job after the exam, if you want to know, you can text me message. I won’t say it here. I’m afraid you’ve read so much and think I’m very wordy!

Finally, I wish you good luck!