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France Student Visa & Singapore Study Visa: A Financial Lifeline For International Students

Do you want to explore how study visa can be useful for international students? If yes, then read this article and explore the importance of student visa cards. In general, getting a student visa to study abroad is a dream for many people. It can enhance personal growth, open many opportunities and provide new experiences. 

While studying abroad, especially countries like France and Singapore, managing the finances is also a challenging task for students. During that time, having an authorized student visa card can be most helpful for them. It can let them financially secure and have a smooth journey in abroad. Proceed further with this article and explore a lot about Singapore or France Student visa.

What Is A Student Visa Card?

A student visa card is the most specialized debit or credit card that can be highly useful for international students. Students can get these cards from banks that have the direct collaboration with their educational institutions and universities. There are many benefits students studying abroad can get while using these visa cards according to their major requirements. 

Features of Student Visa Cards:

There are wide ranges of features of student visa cards available. Take a look at below to know such features:

  • No foreign transaction fees

There are no foreign transaction fees and it is one of the great advantages of the student visa card. With that, students can withdraw cash, purchase anything and pay for all kind of services broad without any additional charge. Hence they can save more money and time with the student visa card.

  • Student discounts

International students can also get discounts while using the student visa card. They can get discounts on shopping, transportation, dining and also in many cultural activities. It is possible since the banks have various partner merchants and hence they let students to get these discounts.

  • Cashback & rewards

Some student visa card also offers many cashbacks & rewards for students when they purchase anything using the card. They can redeem these cashbacks & rewards for their future purchases and save more money.

  • Emergency assistance

Students can also get emergency assistance 24/7 without any restrictions. In case they lose their cards or want card replacement, they can contact the support team immediately. 

  • Financial education

Many student visa cards let students to manage their finances properly without any issues. It includes financial literacy workshops, access to credit-building programs and budgeting apps.

Why Study Visa Cards Are Essential?

Cards like Singapore Study Visa are essential for many purposes for international students to manage their finances. Have a look at below to know everything:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Building credit
  • Security
  • Access to online services


From the above mentioned scenario, now you have explored the impact of using the France student visa and Singapore study visa. If you are planning to study abroad and want to manage your finances properly, then get student visa card from the reputed banks or financial institutions. Get help from Niyo Global to get the student visa without any issues.