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5 Must Have Google Chrome Add-Ons/Extension | Chrome Web Store

What could be better having the best web browser coming up with a tons of great features?

It’s about Google Chrome that not only delivers exceptional browsing facilities with seamless functionality but is now loaded with a number of exciting extensions that can help you bring more efficiency in your workflow.

From securing passwords to enhancing the fun of using any website’s services, the chrome provides the features and extensions in its Chrome web store. The web store comes with a pretty easy to handle interface that engages the users and provide them with all that they need.

The Chrome web store is like a gallery full of options. You simply scroll through the list or even search in seconds to get the desired extensions. Not only does the browsing for extensions is made easy but configuring it is simpler too. In just a few clicks, the web store allows you the access and you get on using the many benefits out of it.

Google Chrome Extension #1Google Earth

The Earth view gives you an amazingly indulging satellite view from Google Earth every time you open a tab. You can even download any image and view it using the Google maps. You can upload that image on your social media platforms, or as a wallpaper of your browser. It will give your browsing activities a much more engaging effect. You can even get into the details by hovering your mouse and reading out the image more closely.

Google Chrome Extension #2LastPass

Are you struggling with keeping a check on all your 犀利士passwords? Do you worry about forgetting any? Well, here it is the best extension that will help you remember your passwords fast and easy.

Last Pass will make it much easier for you to secure your work and accounts. It’s much more like the password keychain provided by IOS for smartphones. Now for desktop browsers, you can have Last Pass. It will keep your password saved in its noted which you can refer at
any time you want.

Google Chrome Extension #3StayFocusd

Distraction is one thing, which is certain when you are online. No matter how important your project is or how many deadlines are there lurking around the corner you will always find the time to check your social media notifications. Even healthy diet articles seems so tempting to read. So, let’s bid goodbye to all the distractions with Stay Focused. The extension is designed to hit snooze to all such notification. You can custom set the options. It is best used when you are offering Wikipedia page creation services, as that’s the time when you have to stay focused in every way.

Google Chrome Extension #4 – Google Dictionary

If you are a writer, this extension is going to add more convenience in your profession. You may want to gather new and exciting vocabulary for your content or words that can describe things more efficiently. So, in such a time you do not have to open a new tab or a window to search. Simply click on the extension and the dictionary is there to help you out. Now compose your content using words that can highlight your level of professionalism.

Google Chrome Extension #5- Sidenotes

For all those highly occupied minds, which needs to have a certain pause, here is the bright idea to save all your creative thoughts. You may have a moment or two during your work when you get a brilliant idea popped in your mind and you find ways to quickly save it without creating any disturbance in your workflow. The Google extension- Side notes gives you an edge to praise your mind and to save all that comes in a flash and goes in a blink.

Wrapping Up

From providing an easy to access dictionary to passwords securing extension there are many other extensions that can help you establish good social relationships with your friends. There is a NetflixParty extension that will allow you to stream movies and TV shows live with your friends while having a spate window to hold a discussion and chat. All of these extensions available on the Google Chrome Web Store are safe and secure. They never mess up with your browser nor create any hurdle in carrying out operations.