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How Can I Learn Blockchain for Free

Today, we are heading towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution and experiencing the many advancements in technology. From artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), to edge computing and augmented reality, many technologies are emerging and blurring the boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological worlds. One of the other technologies promoting Industry 4.0 is blockchain technology. If you haven’t kept pace with the technology news lately, blockchain must be new for you. However, you would have surely heard of Bitcoin, the most popular application of blockchain technology. 

There are many benefits of using blockchain technology – improves transparency, utilizes advanced security, its networks are immutable, reduces costs associated with intermediate parties, and improves efficiency and speed. Moreover, the hacking threats against an organization reduce significantly because of blockchain. The technology is not only revolutionizing the finance industry but seems to be beneficial in a number of other sectors like energy, real estate, government agencies, healthcare, and information technology. 

If you are seeking a challenging career, then blockchain will not disappoint you. You can confidently learn the Blockchain basics, work on some industry projects, and land your dream job. Now, many professionals are willing to learn Blockchain but are skeptical about taking a paid course. This is because the field is new to them, and they want to gain some fundamental understanding before they can decide which paid course would be worth their time and effort. So, a good option for them is to first enroll in a free blockchain course. 

This article helps you make the right choice by listing some of the top Blockchain free courses available online. So, read on!

Top Free Courses in Blockchain

Course Name – Blockchain Developer

Offered by – SkillUp by Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the well-known certification training providers, and its SkillUp initiative is for those who want to gain today’s in-demand skills for free. Through this course, you will become familiar with blockchain and its core platforms along with its key tools like MetaMask, Truffle, Geth, and Ganache. You will get access to 6 hours of comprehensive learning modules, and you will also receive a course completion certificate. 

Some of the important skills covered in this free training are Bitcoin, ethereum deployment tools, smart contracts on Ethereum, hyperledger composer, and blockchain prospects. The course is ideal for developers, team leads, solution architects, project managers, as well as business analysts. 

Course Name – Blockchain Technology

Offered by – Berkeley University of California on edX

Take this course on edX if you want to gain a complete overview of many of the topics related to and building upon the foundation of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The instructors will first take you through distributed systems and alternative consensus mechanisms, along with crypto-economic and proof-of-stake. They will next move on to the basic applications of bitcoin and blockchain technology, which includes enterprise blockchain implementations also.   

This 6-weeks (3 to 5 hours per week) course is open to anyone who is interested in learning about blockchain technology or those interested in a career as a blockchain developer, data analyst, crypto trader, researcher, or consultant. You can also upgrade your plan to achieve a professional certificate from Berkeley University. 

Course Name – Blockchain Essentials

Offered by – Cognitive Class by IBM

This free course by IBM can help you learn about blockchain for business and key use cases that demonstrate how the technology adds value. You will become aware of some of the common challenges facing business networks, thereby understanding how a new approach of recording and processing transactions that uses blockchain technology can solve some of those challenges. There are no prerequisites for this course. 

When you complete this 3-hours course, you will have a clear idea of blockchain and distributed ledger systems in a business environment, how assets can be transferred in a blockchain environment, the role of the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project and IBM’s blockchain strategy.  

Course Name – Introduction to Enterprise Blockchain

Offered by – 101 Blockchain

Enroll in this enterprise blockchain crash course if you want to get a unique opportunity to appreciate the extraordinary impact that blockchain technology creates on enterprise business processes. You will be able to explore the rich sets of business-related use cases, limited technology details, and real-life examples derived from interviews and research among corporate practitioners.

Some of the important topics covered in the program are distributed networks, permissioned blockchain, validators, smart contracts basics, blockchain digital transformation, and federated blockchain. This 5-days (15 minutes each day) course can be taken by senior leadership, business analysts, software developers, and innovation managers.  

Course Name – Blockchain Fundamentals

Offered by – Pluralsight

This course is designed for professionals who want to get productive with blockchain development quickly in a practical way. The duration of the course is 2 hours 20 minutes. The instructor talks about various important topics like Ethereum blockchain, smart contract development, DAPP development, and how to create private blockchains. 

After learning the basics, you get a chance to create a fully functional, simple application. It is a distributed application that ensures a secure and trustworthy product lifecycle trail for batches of food using blockchain technology. 

With such reliable options available, what course will you settle on?

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