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How To Identify and Remove Bad Backlinks From Google

A backlink if done right is one big advantage for your website. But what if you mess up and the company from where the SEO Services were obtained turns out be untrustworthy. This could result in the creation of bad backlinks on your website. The other reasons that might affect the standard quality of backlinks could be building low-quality unnatural links or being involved in link building schemes.

The number of backlinks on your website says a lot about the quality of the page. But along with quantity Google also likes to verify the quality of the backlinks. This aspect makes it important to identify and eradicate any backlinks that prevent the ranking of the site. Otherwise, Google will lower down your rankings as a way of punishment.

So if you want to keep your site away from the toxic links, you will need to perform a backlink audit which will filter all the backlinks according to relevance or irrelevance, external links, spam comments and others. This audit will also help you identify which links are ranking up the growth of your website.

Now let’s get started on making your site better by identifying the bad backlinks and then removing the same. The steps mentioned below will act as an assistant helping you through the process.

 1. Find All the Backlinks

The initial step is to collect all the links pointing to your website. There are many tools available in the market that find the backlinks. There are tools to help you fetch all the backlinks from the site. The tools could be Google Webmaster, Monitor Backlinks or any other.

  1. Choose a sign for a suitable tool, you can even use 2 tools at the same time.
  2. After signing-in add the URL to the website in the tool.
  3. You will need to verify the ownership of the step, so complete that step and move further.
  4. A window screen will appear suggesting a list of options, click on “Search Traffic” and then click “Link To Your Site”.
  5. The tool will soon be ready with all the backlinks to your site, whether good or bad.
  6. Copy all the backlink data collected from one or more tools and add the data to the Excel Spreadsheet.

2. Filtering The Bad Backlinks

The next step is to see which are the links affecting your site negatively. Usually checking all the links one by one is the mainstream process you need to follow. But if there are too many backlinks to your website then you should sort and filter them according to different categories.

  • Links that are not part of Google’s Index

Indexation of Google is very important as it is one of the most trusted sources and people depend on the verdict of Google.

So if the site is not indexed in Google then there are chances that it is penalized and banned from search or it can be a completely new website.

You don’t want to keep such backlinks that do no good to your website.

You can check all the unindexed domains by using tools that allow you to add filter according to different categories.

Add tags to the links you no longer want on your website so that you don’t fail to remove them later.

The Experts of SEO Services make sure that your site remains at top-notch and free from all such bad backlinks.

  • Backlinks sorted by PageRank

PageRank is like a vote given by Google to the websites. This vote helps in defining the credibility of the links.

The High number of Page Ranking suggests that the link is good in Google’s opinion.

Using tools filter option you can sort the backlink data and check for the domains that have PageRank 0.

Choose to view all the backlinks from a ranking below 10 and analyse each backlink.

Remove the backlinks hindering the growth of your site.

  • Identify Backlinks With External Links

In the opinion of the SEO company Sydney external links associated with backlinks that have low-quality assurance can create a bad impact on your original website.

Too many outbound links are not always helpful for your website.

For example, comments on blogs which are against the blog post. Due to such comments the quality of backlink decreases.

  • Backlinks With Spammy Blog Networks

No company providing SEO Services Sydney will ever intentionally create spammy or unauthorised backlinks. It is a matter of luck that some links prove to be unworthy for your site.

Like these backlinks, Google also does not approve of spam blog networks. It is a sign that the site is not relevant and good enough to list in top ranking.

3. Remove Bad Backlinks

Now that we have a general idea that there are few backlinks which we do not require to be linked with our website, lets finally move to the step of removing such backlinks. Not worry as far as your Google ranking is concerned, there are a number of ways to disable these links and keep the rankings as well.

  1. Approach the website owner of the link you want to remove from your site. Though it is not always easy to communicate and direct such people to remove their links, so using a polite approach is always recommended.
  2. Never make the mistake of paying the webmasters for link removal. Try to convince them but if you fail to do so there is always an option to disavow the unwanted links.
  3. If you feel that you started with a bad SEO company and investing in removing backlinks will cost you just too much. Then you can opt to create a whole new domain. This is the last option anyone should go for.
  4. Removing too many bad backlinks from your site might sound to a very lengthy and tough process. And if the webmasters are not responding to your request then what you can do is create a disavow file with the help of tools used previously to collect backlink.

So basically, this disavow file would be telling Google not to take into account the given backlinks when it comes to assessing the site.

  • After completing the above-mentioned steps you are free from the burden of having bad backlinks. But making such drastic changes to your website will affect the ranking on a temporary basis as now you might have fewer links pointing your website.
  • In case you disavow the links, they are still present on your site but removing the links completely will suggest Google that your site is less interesting. But it is just a temporary adjustment that you need to fit in with.

Now that you know how to remove the backlinks affecting your site negatively, it will help you strategize the backlinks which you will choose to add in future. Make sure that you take a follow up of the backlinks on regular basis to assess their quality. This regular internal audit process by an efficient developer will save you from any punishment that Google intends to give such inefficient sites.

And if you want to make your task a bit simple, choose to fetch services from our SEO company. The aim of any Search Engine Optimization developer is to manage the ranking and so our experts will assist you by adding effective backlinks along with other SEO services.