Today Instagram is probably the most popular social media. We daily post our photos or pictures for our blogs and online shops. So there are so many images, that it’s getting more and more difficult to attract customers to your page. But no worries! We have prepared 7 useful tips that will help you take amazing photos for your Instagram account. Ready? Then let’s dive in.

  1. Fix your camera’s settings. Set maximum quality parameters. Usually, a photo gets compressed when it is uploaded to the web. What’s more, a high-resolution photo is easier to edit. Try not to zoom in while shooting. Smartphones’ digital zoom enlarges the picture but degrades the quality. Professional cameras use optical zoom, which enlarges the image, and the quality is not spoiled. Anyway, it is better to come closer to the subject and then make a picture. By the way, avoid using your phone’s or DLSR’s built-in flash unless you do need it. Try shooting with natural light instead and your photos will look more appealing and might not even need a filter.
  2. Experiment with perspectives. Walk around the area, try taking pictures from different angles and go with the most attractive one. It may take some time but the result is definitely worth it. Pay attention to the source of the light and make sure that the subject of your picture is well-lit and there are no harsh shadows. Changing the perspective you create a different effect and objects can seem smaller or larger than they really are.
  3. Mind the Rule of thirds. No matter whether you shoot your picture or crop it afterward, try to stick to this famous photography rule. Imagine dividing your picture into 9 equal squares or rectangles, and place the objects along these lines or at intersections. This way they will look more attractive and harmonious. Walk around and see if there are some natural frames or lines that make the subject of your photo stand out or direct your viewers’ attention to some details. 
  4. Place the subject of your photo. When you are taking a picture, you can place not a whole object in the frame, but only the main recognizable part of it. Let’s see how you can crop your picture. First, leave out only unnecessary or distracting details. If you take a portrait, crop the picture at eye level just below the top third. At the same time, try to leave some space around the subject, so your picture will look more eye-appealing. Avoid cropping people’s heads at the hairline or their limbs at the joint. While taking your products’ photos experiment with cropping with different shapes or leave the whole object in the frame.
  1. Stick to the consistent theme. There is a special Instagram algorithm that predicts what posts your followers might find interesting. It is based on the posts they have liked and spent more time on. So if Instagram thinks your follower will like this post, it is more likely to appear on the top of their feed. For instance, if you apply the same filters to most of your pictures they get more recognizable. When your viewers like your photos, Instagram will show your posts to these followers more often. That’s why we recommend editing your photos similarly. 
  2. Edit your photos with reliable software. Yes, even the most popular professional photographers edit their shots. Post-processing can often save an unfortunate photo in terms of composition, light, and color. Choose only well-packed software that can help you edit your pictures in various ways: color correct your photos, adjust their exposure, apply different filters and effects, crop your images and change their background. Want to learn more about how to enhance photo quality? Then follow the link and find out handy ways to improve your pictures.
  3. Use relevant hashtags and meaningful captions. Since hashtags and captions are really important Instagram marketing tools, so we recommend you not only post attractive pictures, but accompany them with text. Use hashtags that will make your content relevant and discoverable for your target audience. Create catchy captions, they do not need to be long descriptions, so put only the main information into them. It is a good idea to sometimes ask your followers related to the post questions. So they can answer them in the comments section.

All these handy tips can help you to increase the traffic to your page, get more Instagram followers and increase your sales. Keep posting engaging pictures with meaningful, but not long descriptions since the newer posts are usually given more preference over older ones, target audiences and gain followers.