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How to Use Email Marketing to Retain Your Ecommerce Customers

Introduction: How to find the correct email addresses and create email campaigns that engage your audience 

If you’re trying to find someone’s email address, here are 10 ways you can achieve that goal for free.

  1. Go to the company website – While it may seem obvious, it is one of the best places to start. Many companies provide contact information for specific employees, so don’t neglect this resource just because it sounds simple. After you visit the site, go to the About Us page to see if they provide detailed information for managers or other employees. The news section is another great avenue, as public relations email addresses are often included in articles.
  2. Google it – There is a lot of information on the internet, and Google’s unicorn search feature may be the key to getting it. You may be able to find someone’s email address by simply searching for their name and the word “email” or “contact.” Yes, it can be that simple.
  3. With advanced google search – If you want to test your guess for an email address, try advanced Google search. Enter the email address you see fit right into the search bar.
  4. Contact administrator – If you can find the phone number of a department at their company, try talking to their administrator. Now, you don’t want to ask for an email address simply because you don’t have one. You have to be a little tricky to get this to work.
  5. Check out their social media page – Sometimes people list their email addresses on social media. Yes, it’s infrequent, but it only takes a few seconds to search, so check the personal and company pages to see if any tidbits are available.
  6. Look for personal sites and blogs – The number of personal websites and blogs is overwhelming, and many professionals and executives support them to help build their personal brand. If you are unlucky with a search on the company’s website, try email search in person.

If these free options don’t produce the desired results, there is also a wide range of paid services. Or you can just write a direct message on social media and see if you can connect there.

Why email marketing is important to eCommerce sites

With the help of reactivation emails, you can determine if customers will return. Even if they open the letter and don’t buy, you know what they are there and think about your brand. After one or two reactivation emails, you may want to consider removing the inactive ones from your list entirely so you can focus on the people who might buy.

Email marketing is critical for ecommerce businesses because it is a way to connect directly with their customers without relying on social media algorithms or search engine rankings.

And this has some great benefits:

  • It’s extremely effective, reaching up to 90 percent of your customers and delivering much higher conversion rates than social media or search.
  • This is cost effective as cheap emails bring in a monstrous ROI.
  • Your customers really want to hear from you, which means that this is a truly welcome form of advertising.
  • You own your list, which means that the decisions or fate of the outside business won’t hurt you.
  • And it is extremely measurable, allowing problems to be diagnosed and areas where there is room for improvement.
  • Getting started with email marketing is also easy by setting up automated emails throughout the lifecycle.

If these free options don’t produce the desired results, there is also a wide range of paid services. Or you can just write a direct message, establish a connection there.

It’s also easy to get started in email marketing by setting up some automated lifecycle emails.

How is email useful for ecommerce?

Without any doubt, for E-commerce sales support. Email isn’t just about getting people to buy or reminding them that your brand is still around. It is one of the most valuable tools you have as an ecommerce provider to keep in touch with customers regarding their orders. Use email to send tracking numbers, thank you emails, and more. And when you send those emails, be sure to ask for product reviews.

If you did your job correctly, your customers will be happy when they open the package that comes in the mail. This is when you have to ask for a review or recommendation. By the way, fast order confirmation and tracking emails also help improve the customer experience, making it more likely that customers will come back and want to recommend your brand.

How email finder works

Email verification usually involves checking your mailing list for spam traps. It identifies any issues and possible problems before they’re caught by ISPs or ESPs. The next thing that happens with email verification is that the provider checks the format of your emails. The next step of the process is domain verification. The final step of the process is individual mailbox validation.

For example, Snov.io. This Email Verifier is a tool that clears your email list from invalid emails. You can use Snov.io Email Verifier for free on a free account. Snov.io verifies most email addresses, including custom domain emails. Snov.io doesn’t verify emails from unverifiable domains.


Are you sending emails to your website visitors? If not, then you are missing out on the opportunity to turn them into buyers. Email can be directly used for sales by sending offers to users who have abandoned shopping carts or haven’t made a purchase for some time. Or, they can be used in a more indirect way to remind people that you exist and that you are still relevant with newsletters and helpful tips. Are you ready for the best? Email marketing is inexpensive, making it easy to achieve impressive ROI!

The benefits of checking email are numerous and significant, from cost savings to better analytics, from dramatically reduced email bounces to fewer complaints. Successful marketers know this and always try to use clean lists