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How You Can Find the Most Responsive Guest Posting Targets

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to create some unique backlinks for your own website. Reputed bloggers always require new and interesting content for their website and any association that delivers that is welcome. However, the first step of guest posting is finding the most responsive targets and this remains the toughest part too. Here we tell you How You Can Find the Most Responsive Guest Posting Targets.

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Leverage personal connections

This is where you start off. Most people would have some friends or industry connections that they must connect with. As you shoot them an email with the details of your desire to guest post they can probably link you up with the correct targets. Some of them would already be having a website and if that is related to your field of expertise they would not mind you posting for them. Guest post services also get down to finding the most suitable guest posting targets for you. SEOOutreachers plans and figures out the appropriate blogs that can give your content sufficient exposure.

Use your blog to advertise

You too have a blog of your own and naturally, there would be some followers too. Who knows if some of them are looking for content for their websites? Right, a requirement on your website mentioning that you wish to guest post. All those who would be interested would reply back and thus help you bag some more guest posting opportunities.

Social networking

Social media platforms are another place where you may find a huge scope to experiment with. You may request your friends who have their blogs or ask them to link you up with their friends who have. If you are hesitant about sending personal emails a DM on Facebook might seem less opportunistic and would get you the required response.

If nothing seems to work you may do a quick Google search to find some very responsive results. However, in this case, you have to ensure you are using the correct keywords. Similarly, you can go to Twitter with keywords like ‘Guest post’ and look for website owners who are open to such collaborations. If the blog you approach is already into the field of Guest posting they would not mind offering you a chance.

Google blog search

After you have searched on Google you may use the Google blog search. This feature helps you find blogs specific to one particular niche and is particularly useful if you have a niche that is different from the rest. You can hope to discover some new and interesting blogs which may otherwise not reflect in your other searches.

Forums and communities

There are multiple communities and forums on the Internet which discuss upcoming guest posting opportunities.  You may not be able to get the best and most successful blogs here but when you are just starting out this is a great chance. However, when you join a new forum do not go about immediately asking for guest post opportunities. Instead, wait, get acquainted with the forum, and then invite suggestions so as to not look desperate.


Finding suitable guest post targets need not be a herculean task. If you use the above tips tactfully you may be able to find out some of the best opportunities. SEOOutreachers helps you in doing that along with some interesting ideas to get the required exposure. They have tackled guest posting for innumerable brands and their strategies are going to work wonders for your brand too. Make sure to experiment with different kinds of blogs before you finally know which blogs are the most effective for your marketing campaign.

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