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3 Important Reasons Why You Should Keep a Text Message Record as a Start-up Business!

For businesses who are just starting out in their industry, whether as an entrepreneur, small-scale business, or a massive corporation trying to beat out the competition, there are certain techniques and strategies you should use to show your prowess. One of the main ways in which new businesses can safeguard their data, protect themselves from potential lawsuits, and keep viable records of all past communications is by logging their marketing efforts and communication methods with customers!

3 reasons why new businesses need to use a text message record to keep track of communications!

Text message marketing and mass texting are a huge part of business strategy these days. Instead of sending out personalized emails that can take too much time to do pearly, you can create a generalized text, customize the name, and send it via a web SMS platform to all of your dedicated customers or target market.

Not only will this save you time and energy from your employees, who no longer have to type away at their computers to send long emails, but it also improves the chances of your important message being read. Text messages have a much higher open and read rate than other communication methods, with Americans checking their phones at least 150 times per day on average!

Instead of emails that go unread, moved to spam, or deleted, or phone calls that go unanswered, you can send texts and expect customers to at least give the message a glance before moving it to their trash, visit site here to get more information on that.

Understand your customers better

The first benefit of keeping a text message record is to help your business better understand your customer. Which messages were most successful? Which messages had the highest open rates? Which message really resonated with your clients – did you send deals, coupons, and must-have specials? If so, you can see which deals were most effective in driving sales at your company.

Enhancing your products or services

The second benefit of keeping a text message record for your business is the ability to better your products or services for your company. You can share the messages with the product team and management department so they can better comprehend what your customers want, how they use your products, why they use your services, and what can be improved in the next round!

Avoid industry issues and compliance concerns 

The final benefit of using a text message record for your business is to avoid any concerns with compliance in the industry. If your industry requires records and proof of conversations, having a record ensures you comply with the law set forth by your specific business sector. Avoid any future issues, lawsuits, or shut-downs by complying from the start.  


As you can see, using a text message record as a new business is a foolproof and effective marketing strategy that helps your company in numerous ways! By safeguarding your business from any potential lawsuits, avoiding industry issues, enhancing your products and services, and learning more about your target market, you can beat out the competition in no time! 

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