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Latest SEO Trends To Follow in The UK in 2024

Today the digital landscape is getting enhanced day after day. The latest trends in digital marketing are pushing businesses forward. Businesses that are following these latest trends are surely flourishing. However, businesses that are not so familiar with the latest trends may fail to cope with their competitors that are already in trend. This article is a detailed account of the latest SEO trends that are following in the UK. If you are based in the UK and want to compete with your competitors, you must add these trends into your SEO strategies to get better results, helping you stand out in the online market. Let’s start exploring these trends here;

SEO Trends To Follow in The UK

After stepping into 2024, we have seen so many new updates and SEO strategies or trends. Here we come with the latest and top ones that are suggested by experts to follow for better output:

1. Topic clusters and content clusters

Content has always been a king for websites and for SEO experts it may not be possible to get rank in the search engines without content. However, to get more accurate and better results the method of organizing content is constantly evolving beyond traditional ways of targeting keywords. Now, the SEO strategy is moving towards a topic cluster model. In this model, a pillar page is used as a comprehensive resource on a topic. The page or topic is also supported by subtopics. This method boosts your content to get a better rank in the search engine. 

2. Core web vitals and user experience

Google introduced core web vitals as ranking factors after its commitment to delivering the best possible user experience. In 2024, it is advisable for all businesses in the world to focus on certain SEO elements, page speed, including mobile-friendliness, and interactivity. Optimizing these SEO elements or metrics will not only help your business get a better rank in the search engine but also enhance user satisfaction.

3. Mobile-first indexing

Mobile usage is constantly rising and the same trend has also found in 2023. So, as the number of mobile users is increasing, experts suggest mobile-first indexing websites. All businesses like small and big, need to ensure that the mobile friendly websites are completely functional. As well as this, they must provide a seamless user experience. Remember that mobile-friendliness is not just about having a responsive design but also having good accessibility and page speed. What you need to do is to hire a professional SEO service, such as A1 SEO Newport Services, where you can get professional staff that is well aware of the trend of mobile-first indexing websites.

4. Voice search optimization

In 2024, voice search continues to gain prominence and this has become possible with voice-activated devices and the proliferation of smart speakers. The trend is too much popular in the UK and businesses based in the UK must optimize their content for voice queries. For voice search optimization, natural language processing and long-tail keywords are considered the key strategies to follow.

5. Video SEO

Today, the world has more tendency for visual content. People are seeing spending hours on social media channels to scolling different types of reels, related to different aspects. The trend is not only famous in the social media channels. Google is also increasingly giving value to videos in the search engines. So, it is advisable for businesses, based in the UK, to invest in video SEO. 

Video SEO includes optimizing video titles, video descriptions, and transcripts of videos. As well as this, hosting your videos on other platforms like YouTube can also improve your brand visibility. Ensure that you made accurate and relevant videos with good quality and user experience. It will not only help you get a good rank in the search engine but your viewers will also feel it good and have a feeling of satisfaction as well.

6. Google’s EEAT

In its recent updates, Google has declared that it will evaluate content based on the EEAT formula. The formula consists of Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It means that if your content follows all these elements then Google will surely rank your content. So, ensure that your content is entirely based on user experience, has trusted sources, and relevant information, and is giving accurate information to its users. You need to ensure that the SEO company you are going to hire has professional writers who can write the content based on the EEAT formula.

7. Google My Business or local SEO

If your business is based in the UK and you have a physical appearance as well, Google My Business and local SEO are the most crucial elements for you. Ensure that your Google My Business profile is accurate and completed. As well as this, you must also consider customers’ feedback or reviews. Besides this, citation management and local link building also play a vital role in getting more outcomes or results.


In conclusion, we can say that SEO is flourishing day after day, and businesses, whether they are locally based or dealing with users worldwide, are getting more reach with the help of SEO. As SEO is evolving continuously, businesses must consider adopting the latest trends. Companies that are not following the latest trends may fail to cope with their competitors. So, before hiring an SEO services company, you need to do an audit of them to know if they are following the latest trends or not. Here we would also like to give you some tips, to help you choose the best SEO services o companies for your business growth. Ensure that the company has a professional team and is well aware of all these mentioned latest trends. As well as this, you must get feedback from their previous users to know to what extent they are satisfied with their services.