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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Using a Virtual Phone System For The First Time

If you’re going to be running a new business, you need to make sure that you take into account the extra necessities that come into play with your new endeavor. Although you may think that just because you are a tech wizard and you can run your new IT business from your room, this is very unprofessional and can send the wrong message to your future clients. 

Avoid this from ruining your new reputation in the industry by taking yourself seriously – if you are a professional, then the rest of the world will view you as such. Avoid any miscommunication with your new entrepreneurial customers and use a virtual phone system – what better way is there to set up a professional atmosphere than to utilize the benefits of a remote office? 

Let’s see a few reasons why you should use a virtual phone system and a remote workspace for your new business – and a few mistakes to avoid along the way.

What is a virtual phone system? 

First off – what is a virtual phone system? This type of easy-to-use and efficient way of communicating with your clients, business partners, and future customers lets you effectively speak with others in the industry and make new connections by using a foolproof and reliable method. Instead of using your personal phone line, your personal email address, and not having a business address for mail and Google searches, you will have a professional aura about you.

A virtual phone system is much easier than you may think – it is very easy to set up, providing you with quick and seamless communication without the need for a complicated setup. By letting you handle important business calls, deal with work emails, and receive packages to a professional address, you can make sure that your future business partners do not get scared away before their relationship with you even gets started. 

Unlike other phone systems – with your physical landline tied to a specific place – you can use this virtual phone system and virtual office to work remotely and continue professionally communicating with your work colleagues. Not to mention, you can work from anywhere – and everywhere. Instead of being tied to one place, like an office building, you can take calls from any device that has an internet connection. 

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But why do businesses begin to use a virtual phone system? What are the main benefits of this technology?

For example, using a cloud-based phone system from Broadvoice lets the business owners use any type of device with the internet connection that they want to use. This lets them talk with others while on the go, using a laptop, phone, or another type of internet-based device that lets them increase their versatility, flexibility, and daily productivity levels without putting a strain on their resources.

6 mistakes rookies might make when using a virtual phone system

Choose a complicated voice set-up

A virtual phone system is known for being easy to set up, easy to install, and easy to use. However, there are some companies and some technologies that are more detailed and contain more technology than others. If you are new to using a virtual phone system, choosing one of the more advanced products might not be the way to go. Not only will it be more expensive, but it will take longer to install and it will be more confusing to use. Avoid choosing anything complicated – go with the basic virtual phone system so you have something that connects to the high-speed internet, remains reliable, and helps you stay connected.

Choosing the first option

The next mistake that rookies might make when it comes to choosing a virtual phone system is choosing the first option they find. However, you need to compare the different companies, reputations, reviews, and prices. If you choose the first option, you might actually be getting the worst deal possible. Even though a virtual phone system is known for keeping costs low and being the best cost-effective measure of staying in touch with your clients, you still need to compare various business prices. 

Choosing one without premium features

A virtual phone system in its most basic form is good – you can call and talk to anyone from any type of device connected to the internet. However, you should also choose one that has special features. Some of the special features that you should look out for include call forwarding, call recording, international calling, call logs, caller ID, auto-greetings, hold music, call routing, and receptionist service.

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Choosing an inaccurate phone number

When you are choosing your virtual phone system and creating a professional appearance, the last thing you want to do is choose a phone number that is a personal phone number, shows a different area code than the major of your business, or is located in a “bad” area. For example, if you do the majority of your work around Philadelphia, PA, but your phone number area code is in Wisconsin, your clients will be confused. Make sure you choose a phone number that is representative of your business.

Using only one device

When setting up a virtual phone system, the beauty of this technology is the flexibility – you can use any device from anywhere in the world. However, one of the downfalls of rookies using a virtual phone system is they stick with their own cell phone or landline – avoid using just one device and instead try using your iPad, computer, mobile phone, and much more.

Not using call routing features

The next mistake that rookies make when it comes to virtual phone systems is not routing their inbound calls to avoid hangups. With call routing, you can avoid people hanging up before they have their questions answered and talk to anyone. Make sure you use call routing so the incoming calls are effectively re-routed and the clients leave happy.

Not reading analytics

The last mistake that a rookie might make with a virtual phone system is they do not read the analytical reports and the data regarding their business. Newbies need to know what is working, what is not working, and what they can improve – reading analytics about the results of their business will help them improve.


Using a virtual phone system is the best way that businesses can stay in touch with clients no matter where they go. If you are in the car, you can take a hands-free call – if you are sitting at your desktop computer, you can still take a call. The flexibility of a virtual phone system is one of the best characteristics of this foolproof technology.