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Top 5 Money Management Apps of 2024

Managing your expenses can be a challenge if you are not equipped with the right tools. If you are looking to organize your expenses in 2023, look no further than your smartphone. Numerous mobile applications have been launched which can help you plan your personal finances and make a customized budget. These money management apps can help you check your bank balance and even apply for various investment products. You can easily compare the services offered by different banks and choose a product which is best suited for your needs.  

Here are a few money management apps which can come in handy in 2024:

BankBazaar App: Money Management App 2024

Money Management App

The BankBazaar app is a one-stop mobile application to easily organize your expenses and avail various financial products. This app lets you –

  • Check your bank balance on multiple bank accounts automatically.
  • Track your monthly expenses and keep a close watch on all your financial transactions as well, manage your money like a pro!
  • Get reminders on credit card dues and EMI repayment.
  • Check your total outstanding credit card limit and keep a tab on your credit card spends as well.
  • Check your credit score for free at any point.
  • Get a detailed report on all the factors affecting your credit score.
  • Get credit card recommendations based on your credit score too!
  • Compare different investment plans, credit cards and loan-related products offered by various banks.
  • Apply for a loan or a credit card instantly, if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Easily monitor the status of your application.
  • Do an estimate on any loan scheme through the EMI Calculator.
  • Access details such as IFSC codes and addresses of different banks.
  • Get alerts about latest prices of fuel, gold and silver.
  • Stay up-to-date with all the latest financial new & tips – Finance101

Walnut Money Manager App: Money Management Apps 2024

Money Management App

The Walnut app is a user-friendly money management app which is designed to simplify your personal finances.  

  • Track your monthly expenses and check your bank balance instantly
  • Tracking feature maintains a history of your transactions.  
  • Transfer of funds and make bill payments  
  • Split a bill among your friends with ease
  • Shows ATMs which are nearest to your current location
  • Keeps a check on withdrawals from ATMs
  • Check your credit card dues and clear them out using the app
  • The app maintains a record of your expenses.
  • Access the expenses report at your convenience.

Wallet-Finance Tracker and Budget Planner App: Money Management App 2024

Money Management App

The Wallet app helps you set short-term and long-term financial goals.  

  • Tracks your monetary transactions and maintains a record for the same
  • Download your transaction history either from your bank or from your personal spreadsheets
  • The app generates reports based on your income and spending behaviour.
  • The report contains insights, recommendations and graphs showing your income-expense ratio.  
  • Import all your credit card information on to the app for easy purchases in the future
  • All your transactions will be automatically stored and will remain in sync with your bank.  

Mobills Budget App: Money Management App 2024

Money Management App 2024

The Mobills app is a popular money management app which is loaded with unique features.

  • Mobills helps you to plan your monthly budget and keep your expenses in check.
  • The monthly budget would let you prioritize your expenses.
  • It helps you avoid debts by sending you bill payment reminders.  
  • The user-friendly nature of the app lets you monitor your finances with ease.  
  • The app tracks your credit card activities and updates information about your credit limit.  
  • It also sends you reminders on payment of bills and credit card dues.
  • The app allows you to divide your expenses into categories.
  • It lets you save your bill receipts.
  • Transaction history will be automatically synced with the Cloud.
  • Receive and send your expense-related data from spreadsheets or PDF.  
  • Check your monthly and yearly spending patterns through graphs.  

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Home Budget App: Money Management Apps 2024

Money Management App

Home Budget app is a one-stop solution for your budgetary needs as well as your family.  

  • The ‘Family Sync’ feature of this app lets you sync your financial information available on multiple devices.  
  • This feature helps you organize and make a budget plan for various expenses.  
  • Category-wise search on all your transactions
  • Modify or delete frequent expenses
  • Insert an image of a bill or a receipt for a specific transaction
  • Enter details of a payee for a specific account
  • Mark bill payments under ‘transfer’
  • Track your bill payments as well
  • The app sends your alerts on due dates for bill payments.  
  • Estimate your monthly disposable income by categorizing your expenses into fixed, variable and discretionary.  
  • Check your bank balance with ease for both savings and current account.  
  • The app creates comprehensive reports about your expense-income ratio of the last 6 months.  
  • All your transaction-related data is automatically backed up by the app.  
  • It generates customized currency based on your location.  

Spendee App: Money Management App 2024

Money Management App

Spendee lets you manage your personal finances as well as the collective expenses of a household.

  • The app syncs information about your finances as well as the selected individuals.  
  • It stores information about the income and expenses of all the individuals involved.  
  • Easily monitor all the due dates and make timely bill payments
  • The app is compatible with multiple currency denominations.  
  • Make a personal budget for yourself or a combined budget for the linked members
  • Maintain a shared wallet with all the members
  • Spendee can create an insightful budget to plan out your monthly or long-term expenditure.  
  • Categorize your expenses and helps you prioritize on your most important finances.  
  • It caters to your monetary needs as well as your family’s.  

In conclusion:

If your New Year’s resolution is to keep a check on your expenses and boost your savings, these mobile applications can prove to be useful. These come with a user-friendly interface and customized features built to help you get your finances back on track. You can create monthly budgets and keep tabs on your expenditure.  

An organized financial plan helps you steer clear of debts and ensure that you keep aside savings every month. Since there are multiple apps available, it is recommended to read through the features and reviews of these apps before choosing one. This will help you find an app which is the most compatible with your financial needs and spending pattern.