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3 Technologies Making Parking Lots Safer

It appears that the automotive industry is moving way ahead of time. Because of the increased number of car owners, it is hard to find parking spots in populated areas. And with that, some safety measures come into question while parking the cars. Innovations in technology are changing the face of this industry.

These transformations are helping to make the parking lots safer than before. To help people drive around and park efficiently, technologies are playing an important role. In this article, you can find out three technologies that are making parking lots safer and increase the comfort of drivers.


Making use of automation in vehicles and parking lots proves to be effective in certain areas. While parking in these areas, modern technologies like robotics take care of everything. When a vehicle enters, it is scanned with lasers. A moving platform lifts the vehicle and shifts it to a vacant space.

This system has an automated storage rack that accumulates the size of the vehicles. Also, it can hold up to four times as many vehicles required for the same space compared to a traditional garage. That’s because the technology doesn’t allow you to leave space around the parked vehicles.

You can find these kinds of technologies in progressive cities all around the world. They could likely be accepted worldwide. The technology makes good use of the space compared to traditional parking lots. With this kind of parking lots, it is safer for the car owners too.

Using IoT in parking lots

The Internet of Things (IoT) communicative devices is developed to make things easier. This kind of advanced technology enables a driver to look out for vacant spaces in real-time. The technology is in effect in many parts of the world. Drivers while approaching a parking lot can see green or red light just above the spaces.

So, even before arriving at the parking lots, a driver can know about the situation of the parking lot. If you want to park in a garage with IoT installed in the parking lot, you can check the availability by using an application. So, what’s the effect of such technology?

Studies show that drivers were able to find a space in lesser time than average. Also, there is a significant amount in the reduction of distance traveled while searching for a vacant space on parking lots. These researches indicate that IoT technologies lower the requirement for many parking lots in a specific area. It enables the spaces to get filled instead of a few.

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Self-Driving Cars

Most people would argue that self-driven cars can’t add safety to parking lots. However, the fact is that almost every car in production these days are being equipped with parking assistant technology. Also, they are affordable to buy. When self-driven cars become the norm, the parking lots would reform in no time.

This kind of technology helps the car to park efficiently and increase safety in the parking lots. It’s possible to park more cars in a limited space, which might have been difficult if the task is carried manually. It appears that self-driving cars are the future.

When this becomes the new norm, the cityscapes might undergo a dynamic changeover. Robotic cars have the potential to drive much closer. Robotic cars can be used as a public service. Shared robotic vehicles can lower the number of cars on the road. Also, that relieves the need for parking lots.

So, what about the plastic jersey barriers?

While the latest technologies are making their way, certain things remain the same. Regarding safety measures in and around parking lots, you can find plastic jersey barriers almost everywhere. These are durable, portable, and have high visibility protection.

You can find these barriers in construction zones, airports, beside roads, and in places where there are lots of pedestrians. You can add sand or water and make them more durable. It is a must for parking lots where there is no scope for modern technologies. Besides, the reflective tapes or solar-powered lights on them makes it more visible.

Benefits of plastic jersey barriers:

  • Has maximum security and durability when filled with sand or water
  • Can be transported easily when empty
  • Different colors increase safety and visibility from a distance
  • Available in different shapes and sizes to fit in parking lots

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