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Platoo – Your DIY Virtual Event/Space Creator

What next?  We’ve seen families celebrating Christmas and New Year’s on Zoom. We’ve witnessed top business leaders talking to us live about their vision for the future. What’s more, we just saw the world’s biggest stars descend on our smart-screens for the Oscars 2021. 

Over the last fifteen months, we participated in a true democratization of technology, knowledge and entertainment. But now, inevitably, a monotony is setting in.

Scientists at Stanford University agree that Zoom fatigue is a real thing. Corporations are now looking to employ tech solutions encouraging productivity and creativity; which bring us back to the question- what next? 

We believe we have an answer.

What if you could, sitting at home, without any tech background or IT expertise whatsoever, put together a Virtual Event for 1000 people in just 2 hours? 

Platoo empowers you to do just that. A first of its kind D-I-Y Virtual Event platform, Platoo’s fully-equipped dashboard lets you create your own virtual event as easily as using Facebook. 

“There’s an ancient Greek proverb- the fox knows many small things, while the hedgehog knows one big thing. We are working to be the proverbial hedgehog that does one thing- new age event tech- and do it the best!” says Arpita Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer at Platoo.

Apart from creating a customized 3D environment, setting a dynamic agenda and a host of interactive features like Chat, Polls and Q&A- Platoo uses the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tech to create trend-based networking. Why is this important, you ask? 

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Networking is the #2 reason that people attend virtual events, learning being the first. Platoo’s AI & ML intelligence gathers data points at every step of the audience’s journey, directing them to the most relevant and trending topics based on their profile, interests and preferences. 

Shared experiences are another breakthrough feature that allow you to interact with friends and colleagues while enjoying a virtual event together. Think of it like watching a concert with friends or gossiping with colleagues in the middle of a dull presentation! 

“Hybrid events are the future of this business. With limited audiences on-ground and a larger audience watching from the comfort and safety of their homes, this is a win-win for everyone,” says Shiva Sureka, Chief Executive Officer at Platoo. 

A critical enabler for hybrid events is the ability to replicate physical spaces virtually. Using images and video footage of your physical space, you can upload them onto Platoo and replicate it into a full-scale virtual event overnight. Check: https://krisumi.platoo.in/login

This has far-reaching applications beyond the virtual events space. Think virtual offices, real estate, 3D tours, immersive showcases and other avenues for marketing. “Going forward, our ‘hedgehog’ continues to dig deeper and work smarter to upgrade our abilities for the virtual tech space,” adds Shiva.   

Platoo is at the forefront of making these tech advances accessible, affordable and available to individuals and organizations. 

Experience Platoo: https://experience.platoo.in/