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Hidden & Surprising Aspects of SEO

SEO is a vast sea that has limitless depth as well as boundless variations. Whether you are a business owner or a CIO, you need to invest your time and efforts to understand its evolving nature as well as nature of fluctuation that often depends on the algorithms that can specifically designed to understand the intent behind any search query. Of course, there are many factors that are still unexplored and need to be evaluated thoroughly to help a website to stay ahead irrespective of its competition.

Bounce Rate

You might have heard about the bounce rate; it is nothing but the total percentage of website visitors that come on your website and leave before viewing/seeing a second page on a same website. If is easy to see a website’s bounce rate by setting up and analyzing Google Analytics. Now, if you’re figuring this isn’t such a major aspect and, that as long as they visit your site, independent of to what extent they spend on it or what number of pages they see, they in any event realize your business exists, that is bad enough. The more extended guests remain on your site, the additional time you need to transform them into customers.  

Content Creation

Creating content is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to keep clients around longer and get them to see numerous pages. Helpful, connecting with content will direct people to your site. When that traffic is there, they’ll stick around, continue perusing, and in the long run become a supporter or client on the off chance that you have a wide cluster of useful blog entries for them to peruse.

As indicated by HubSpot, organizations that distributed 16+ blog entries every month got about 4.5 occasions a bigger number of leads than organizations that distributed zero to four month to month posts. Along these lines, make a content plan that is predictable and offers something for everybody. Not every person inclines toward composed content, so incorporate a blend of configurations, for example, composed, video, infographics, sound chronicles, and then some.

Mix Format

Talking about a blend of formats, to improve your site’s bounce rate, make sure you include eye-getting pictures and recordings to your site. Numerous clients won’t invest a ton of energy perusing your site content, so you have to catch their eye with pictures and recordings. Include an extensive brilliant picture or video to your landing page to catch the eye of watchers when they see your site.


You might not have acknowledged it previously but rather your site speed is vital for improving your site’s bob rate. Indeed, as per Google, 53 percent of versatile site guests leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to stack. Furthermore, for each additional second that your page takes to stack, the likelihood of clients bouncing significantly increases.  


As you’re endeavoring to improve your site’s bounce rate, don’t surrender it over to risk. You ought to be A/B testing everything so as to figure out what’s working and so forth. You may be shocked by the little things that can make clients abandon your website. It may even be something as basic as the color of your button or anything else. That is why it is advisable to focus on every aspect of SEO. If you are unable to understand the technicalities of SEO, you should hire the best SEO Company in your region.