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The Consequences of Poor Memory Management With Unikernels

Memory management is when businesses control and organize their data and memory, ensuring their operating system can handle the running of programs and applications. But what happens when the operating system is too overloaded to run your applications? Find out the best solution here using unikernels. 

The benefits of using unikernels to help with memory management

Before we can get into the benefits of using unikernels to help with the memory management of your business, we need to know how operating systems began. How did the OS systems use to run and why were they ineffective at memory management compared to the technologies that businesses are utilizing now? 

Around 60-70 years ago, computers used extensive hardware systems that were meant to run one system at a time. Since they were big physical specimens, they did to contain any data on a cloud-based system – instead, they were all physical hardware that used one application, little feedback, and slow processing times. 

To be able to work with the various applications and different users, computers had to figure out a way to move programs within their memory system. Learning how to effectively run memory management systems contributed to how operating systems operate today. However, during the innovation of new operating systems that can run applications, soon it became apparent that the more applications and processes you have on one operating system, the slower it will be. 

Instead of running multiple applications and processes on one server, it was discovered that running single-purpose applications with a single space machine image was the fastest and most secure way that an operating system could run. This way, the management life cycle was quicker, the cost-effectiveness was more efficient for businesses, resource absorption was lower than other operating systems and the security was much greater. 

By using unikernels, businesses have been able to help with memory management, scalable solutions to hire applications to help with the growing size of their business, and thread management. But what is a unikernel?

Now that you know unikernels are the most effective solution for memory management in operating systems, you might be wondering -what are they? A unikernel is a single space machine image that has been formed by operating systems – but does not classify as an operating system itself. By being able to use the functionalities of an operating system, and utilize only minimal extra materials, unikernels have made it easy for businesses to now use only what they need to make an application run efficiently and get rid of any obsolete information and heavy baggage. 

This way, unikernels can run quicker and remain more secure against potential threats. Since the surface area of unikernels is smaller than other alternatives – like virtual machines or containers – you may find that this type of cloud-based computing system is more secure when it comes to keeping your important application data and information.


Using universal to manage your memory is key to keeping your data secure, safe, and protected. By using unikernel, you can ensure that your memory will be effectively stored, utilized, and shared using fast processing speeds and a high level of security. Compared to the OS systems of times past, unikernel is the most effective at memory management.

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