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Top 10 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

In recent times there has been a growth of small businesses, which has allowed more and more entrepreneurs who can start their initiatives. However, to enter this world you need a series of skills to achieve success.

Although each entrepreneur is different and his business is different from the others, there are always traits common to all people who risk making their dreams come true in the business world. For many it is not easy to take one of the most difficult steps for a professional: leaving a job from 9 to 5 to start a business of their own.

Maybe for some time you are considering starting the project that will make you really independent at the economic level. Alan Varela explains that although there is no formula that guarantees 100% success, there are a number of qualities that are customary to find in a successful entrepreneur, and that we can cultivate to be more likely to succeed in our business project.

We will see 10 main qualities that stand out in the successful entrepreneur:


The delivery with which the entrepreneurs work and give their all, body and soul to their work. Discovering your passion is very important, because passion is one of the main characteristics of an entrepreneur, because, thanks to the passion they feel towards what they do, they are driven to be better every day and to grow more and more.

The passion for what you do allows you to give more than an activity that does not motivate you, and this factor plays in favor of putting more resources and enthusiasm.

It is known as an expert the successful entrepreneur respects him and knows the value that he has as an expert, so that he is capable of transmitting it to others in a form of products or services like vtacpayroll, online selling etc., successful people never give up their efforts.


Every great entrepreneur needs a “for what”. Why are you undertaking this great project? Your answer is the fuel of your motivation. The great entrepreneurs aspire to achieve great things and make great changes in the world; let you so that it can positively impact the lives of many people. They keep their promises to their clients, even though they have to make sacrifices.

Always looking for how to do things, better, faster and cheaper. Successful entrepreneurs see everywhere, opportunities that can be converted into companies. He firmly believes in his project Failures and obstacles do not allow the successful entrepreneur to leave, because he knows that they are part of the game, of the road to success, because he has confidence in what he does and is persevering.


Now that you have a mission, it is time to work on your vision. How do you visualize yourself within 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 years?

Since you have an overview of where you want to go, now draw small weekly and monthly goals that will help you reach your annual goal. You have to ensure that your goal is aligned with the vision you have of your company and the mission for which you started to undertake. Goal setting is key feature, as said by someone.

This is because you have to have a long-term goal, which will be achieved with the tasks in all the other competences of this list. The ability to act with determination and to face situations with courage is quality of the successful entrepreneur. An entrepreneur must learn to manage risks, because he will have to assume them as part of his business.


A successful entrepreneur is very aware of what his values ​​are and works every day according to them. It can be very easy to have short-term money in an unethical way, but this will not give you long-term success, so first the entrepreneur needs to have a clear vision of where he wants to go and then work based on his values ​​for to be able to go far and gain an unblemished reputation.

Constant learning:

Entrepreneurs know how to recognize the good advice of people who have already taken this path of entrepreneurship, listen to people who have already reached the goal they want and put their advice into practice.

One of the most important quality that every entrepreneur learns how to communicate with others fluently; Even when transmitting new ideas to your team you should sound convincing and easy to understand. They are also constantly prepared to be up to date in their area of ​​entrepreneurship and to be a competitive person.


Many people may believe that creativity is linked to art, but no. An entrepreneur can use his creativity to find a new solution, discover a new process that benefits the organization or find the solution to the problem of his clients. The ability to be creative and innovate characterizes the successful entrepreneur, knowing that we must be alert to changes and be willing to renew and reinvent the products and services offered.

Persistence and determination:

For many entrepreneurs, failure has only been a way of knowing that this was not a good idea. The important thing is to have the determination to want to be a successful entrepreneur and then be persistent and keep working, learn from mistakes and improve.

The successful entrepreneur knows that his value is what he contributes to the business and that investing in his training, skills and contacts manages to “push” the business and providing tools for business growth and success.

Managing time:

As an entrepreneur you will not have a boss to control your time or if you complete the task, so it will be essential that you establish a good administration of your time if you pretend to be successful.


Every entrepreneur spends some time to plan and organize the activities he has to do. To carry it out you can use your cell phone calendar or a regular agenda, where you can see all the activities scheduled for a period of time, a week or even a month.

Achieve results:

An entrepreneur manages to be successful because he gets the planned results and focuses all his energy and time on achieving those results.

The successful entrepreneur also knows when he has to seek help, advice, coaching, etc., and benefit from the knowledge and what others can give him.

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