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Top 5 Anticipated Smartphones In India 2018

World of the smartphone is getting advanced day by day, Every year Hundred of new editions come launched in India but top tech makers like Samsung and Apple are working on their upcoming editions. In 2017, Samsung launched Galaxy s8 which create a revolution in smartphone world but the future phone is going to be much more advanced than these Phones, After the release of iPhone 8 Plus Apple CEO claims that their company is working on the Bendable display. So take a look at some of the top anticipated Phones which are about to come.

  1. One Plus 6:-

This Chinese create Revolution in U.S Market as company claim that 1 Million handsets have been sold in the year 2017, After iPhone 8 and Galaxy s8, one plus 5 model is the most sold phone in India. Now the 6th editions are about to launched and everyone wants to Know what’s new on this Phone. One Plus 6 is one of the best phones which will be launched in 2018.

  • Expected Features:-
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Dual Camera Lens
  1. Moto X5 Play

Motorola always takes their camera phones very seriously that’s why they are now ready to release X5 in 2018. Being a user of Moto phone I have used 5 editions of this phone till now and all of them are just great. X5 comes with 20Mp camera and 2.8 Ghz Processor, Due to amazing performance people have faith in this brand. X5 Play is a really Nice device in terms of CPU and display.

  • Expected Features
  • 22 MP camera
  • Dual camera
  • 2.6 gHz Processor
  1. iPhone 9

No Matter you able to buy iPhone or not but every year they launch One edition, In 2018 company vision is to release 9th edition of this iPhone series. Last year apple surprise everyone after gives a Dual camera feature in their smartphone but their future smartphone will be totally flexible. Apple claims that iPhone 9 will be better none of the today Generation Smartphone.

  • Expected features:-
  • Bendable Display
  • iOS 12
  • A12 Chip
  1. Mi Note 7

Mi also one of the best smartphones now a day in India that’s why company ready to release 7th edition of this smartphone. Mi Note 7 Comes with 20 Mp camera, Company giving 8GB Ram this time in this smartphone which will surely increase its performance. In terms of speed and Ram device is far better than previous few models.

  • Ram:- 8GB
  • CPU:- 2.5 gHz Octa Core
  • 20 Mp Camera
  • Fingerprint sensor
  1. Galaxy S9

Last but not the least Phone in Our list is Galaxy S9, From the past Few Months many of us want to see concept look of galaxy s9 but an official of the company make clear that Galaxy s9 will be launched on April 2018. This time there will be many unique features in it, Out of all those features, 22 Mp rear camera is the major one.

  • Flexible Display
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 30 MP Dual Camera
  • 3.2 Ghz Octa Core

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