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Understanding SharePoint Bulk Data Edit

When using SharePoint, you will undoubtedly need to make changes occasionally. If your goal is to edit multiple documents or SharePoint items, doing it collectively will make your work easier. This post will show you how to do it.

What is SharePoint Bulk Edit?

Whenever you work on documents such as Excel or Word files, you will often find yourself in situations where you need to edit something. Whether want to change an entire cell or paragraph, making one change at a time will make the task tedious.

Think of SharePoint in the same light. When working on it, you encounter similar situations that require bulk editing. And while you might be conversant with Excel and Word, the SharePoint bulk edit process isn’t as straightforward. If you have found yourself in such a predicament, we have the solution.

SharePoint has several shortcuts for mass editing. Hence, you don’t need to waste your time and energy editing each item one at a time. Here are the options that you can use:

The Quick Edit View

Formerly known as the datasheet view, the Quick Edit view lists your SharePoint items as they would appear in Excel. What you will see is a list grid format. The new arrangement allows you to click on the cells you would like to edit. You may also opt to select the item you want to change. As a result, you can edit big numbers collectively and save the changes with the utmost ease.

The best part is that you will not need to switch screens whenever you edit your work. And neither will you have to keep hitting the save button after every slight change. With the Quick Edit view, you also have the ability to drag files.

Besides the inbuilt method of SharePoint bulk edit, you can use third-party options. These are much quicker and easy to use. However, you have to pick a reliable and proven provider. You can click VirtoSoftware reference to learn more.

Tips for Bulk Editing with Quick Edit

You can use the drag option on columns and rows. So, if you want to change the values on a row, you only need to take your mouse to the bottom corner of the row. Once you are there, you can drag it to the rows below. That will copy the values on the entire upper row into the row below. The same technique applies to the columns.

If you want to select multiple rows, move your mouse to the left side of the list, where the multiple selection dots are located. Drag down the cursor on all the rows you want to update. Choose the edit button from the ribbon above. and then you can edit the values of more than one row at a time. This technique also works for deleting. The only difference is that you will choose the delete option from the ribbon above instead of edit. If you implement these tips, you can forget about the hassle of mass editing on SharePoint.

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