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Motivating Your Employees: 4 Ways How to Make an Office Much More Fun

While many choose a job they are passionate about, there are moments where work can be difficult, exhausting, and unmotivated. Unfortunately, when employees appear to be burnt-out or goofing off, your business may suffer as a result. Apart from hiring new employees (which is probably not your best bet), there is something you can do.

Here are ways you can keep you employees motivated on the job:

  1. Set up a reward system.

Let’s start off with something basic: a reward system. Regardless of how many people work in your office, it is important to provide rewards to show appreciation for them for getting a long project completed or for working at your office for a certain period of time, for instance.

Rewards can be extrinsic or intrinsic. Examples include: offering bonuses or raises, verbal praise, a promotion, a physical gift such as a watch or gift card, or a spot on the “Employee of the Month” wall. When employees feel appreciated, they will work harder. Even a simple raise or promotion can make an employee more likely to stay with you.

  1. Treat your employees fairly and equally.

Obviously, you’re the employer, and they’re the employees, but there is no excuse to treat employees cruelly or even different from one another. Employees will catch on quickly to maltreatment coming from their employer. Employees who feel discriminated against or unwanted are less likely to be motivated to do well on the job.

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Without getting too personal, build a relationship with your employees. Engage in everyday conversations, ask them how they are, compliment their new haircut or clothes, and so on. Don’t give employees the impression that the office is strictly professional. Remember, your employees are human.

  1. Provide complimentary refreshments for your employees.

Everyone loves snacks. Even just a small snack on the job may give your employees exactly what they need to push through the rest of the day. After all, when one is hungry, it can be difficult to feel anything but grouchy and agitated at work, regardless of how much they love their job.

You may be thinking that going out and purchasing refreshments for your office will just be another item on your to-do list. But you can order an array of snacks and/or beverages to be delivered right at your place of work for your convenience. Your snacks delivery will be exciting and motivating for both you and your employees.

  1. Loosen up the rules.

The sad reality is that 70-percent of employees admit to being disengaged at work. One major reason for this is because their workplace is too strict, particularly with rules that are tedious. Take the time to look over your office’s rules. Is there anything that should be eliminated? Are there rules that are too uptight, ridiculous, or hard to follow?

Loosening up on some rules doesn’t mean your work should go against county, state, or federal laws or regulations. Instead, this means rules such as a strict attendance policy or very specific dress code should potentially become more lenient. With strict rules, your employees will either do things behind your back or seek out another job.


Sometimes, motivating employees can be as easy as having a reward system, giving them fair and equal treatment, providing refreshments on the job, and even making workplace rules a little more lenient. Remember that your employees deserve respect and appreciation. Give your employees reasons to stay.

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