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Wolverhampton Zip codes

Wolverhampton Postcode / Wolverhampton Zip codes Details

Wolverhampton, a city in the West Midlands region of England, has several postal codes covering different areas. Here are some of the postal codes for Wolverhampton:

Wolverhampton Postcodes list

  • WV1: City Centre, Horseley Fields, East Park
  • WV2: All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields, Finchfield
  • WV3: Castlecroft, Penn, Warstones, Finchfield
  • WV4: Penn Fields, Bradmore, Merry Hill, Goldthorn Park
  • WV5: Wombourne, Whitmore Reans, Perton
  • WV6: Tettenhall, Compton, Castlecroft
  • WV7: Albrighton, Pattingham, Shifnal (part)
  • WV8: Codsall, Pendeford, Rakegate, Bilbrook
  • WV9: Perton, Pattingham, Tettenhall, Albrighton
  • WV10: Low Hill, Bushbury, Heath Town
  • WV11: Wednesfield, Fallings Park, Featherstone
  • WV12: Wednesfield
  • WV13: Willenhall, Short Heath
  • WV14: Bilston, Bradley, Coseley
  • WV15: Bridgnorth (part), Rudge Heath, Claverley, Worfield

Please note that these are general postal code areas, and each code may cover multiple streets or neighborhoods. For precise information related to a specific address, it’s recommended to use a postal code lookup tool or consult the Royal Mail’s official website.

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