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10 Surefire Ways to Maximize Conversion Rates

Converting visitors into customers is the biggest challenge that online store owners face. Whether you like it or not, it is one challenge that is tougher than the climbing the Alps.

Well, thought we will make the climb less tedious for you with these tips that help optimize your eCommerce conversion rate for the good.

1.. HQ Images

Images speak a thousand words that no written word can convey. For an online store they are the mute brand advocates. They meet customer face-to-face, create an impression and persuade them to make a purchase then and there.

Now should we explain why your online store must have HQ images to sell more? Product imagery is a make or break deal. The better your product imagery better would be the

2. Clear Product Description

Alright, now your product images look great. But, that is just not enough. Your customers need more information about its make, material, dimensions and so on. They want to know how much worth the product will deliver for the price being paid. Only a clear product description can help achieve that.

Moreover, you need product descriptions to make your store SEO friendly. Product descriptions with the right keywords can help bring organic traffic to your store. It will help customers looking searching for your products find it easily from your store and buy it straight away.

3. Product Sold Count

Do you know? Highlighting the total sold count helps you convert more customers. Wondering how? Sold count trick customers into believing that most sold or best sellers are great products. Since many people are already buying them, they feel it is a great buy and make a quick decision. This helps nudge the needle on your overall sales count for the entire store.

4. User Reviews

Remember those 5 and 4 stars that you show on online stores? They are all feedback collection systems. Some online stores exhibit reviews in written form to allow users elaborate their product experience in detail.

Incorporate user reviews on your online has several benefits. First, they inspire confidence in the minds of customers. Second, the reviews will contain natural user-generated keywords which will help improve organic traffic through user queries.

When potential customers see reviews and ratings by other customers, they feel more convinced. If they have any questions about the way of using, product quality under actual usage conditions and so on, it gets covered with user reviews. All this leads to the ultimate result: more conversions.

5. How-to Instructions

Assume you have a great product which just got released into the market. Since it is a new entrant, not many know how to use it. The end result? Nobody buys it.

Now, what if you can tell people who they can use the product and how it helps solve their daily problems. That leads to more sales, right? Well, product instructables and how-to instructions help just that. You can spice up your product demo with an explainer video, a step-by-step infographic that shows how to use the product or even a user manual, if required. Remember, a customer who knows well about a product might buy it easily as well.

6. Ajax Shopping Cart

An Ajax shopping cart makes it easy for customers to carry on their shopping in the same page after adding a product to the shopping cart. The customer will not be redirected to another page after adding a new page. This improves the overall convenience and experience of buyers.

In the past, many online stores used to redirect customers to new pages or a shopping cart page where the product was added to the cart. This not only forced the customer to leave the page they were browsing for more products and also curtailed the conversion rates shortly. Thanks to an Ajax powered shopping cart, this problem can now be solved.

7. Chat Support

In an online shopping environment, customers do not have the luxury of asking someone for help. There are no store assistants, counters or anything of that sort that is present in a brick and mortar store.

How to fill this void? Set up chat support. Chat support ensures that customers are able to ask quick queries and get immediate answers. Artificial Intelligence ingrained chatbots take chat support to a whole new level by providing intelligent product suggestions and ‘complete the look’ products for upselling.

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8. Free Shipping

Admit it. The only reasons why most of us shop from online stores is because they provide free shipping. Marketing Land has found that 9 out of 10 customers consider free shipping as an incentive for online shopping.

Free shipping tips the scale in favor of customers. It saves them the cost otherwise required to get out from home, drive all the way in traffic bottlenecks upto a store to look at few collections. But, free shipping brings collections from all over the world to doorstep, thanks to free shipping. The bottomline is, if you want customers to convert, give them free shipping.

9. Security

As much as they enjoy it , shoppers also dread online shopping. There is always a lurking fear of whether their credit card and personal information is kept safe or not. This fear is so intense that customers often skip buying from an online store if they have the slightest inhibition.

How to overcome it? Show trust badges and seals. Incorporate a Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard Certificate will secure your main domain as well any subdomain attached to it. The trust badge or seal will go a long way in convincing customers that your store is safe to do business with.

10. Encrypt your checkout page

The checkout page is where the place where the real magic happens. Your customers are finally paying you! Now, do you want to lose them when they are finally decided to pay up?

So, ensure your checkout page is designed for maximum user-friendliness.

  • Like the number of fields should be less, maybe a max of 5 fields.
  • It should ask for minimal information necessary to transact the order and nothing more.
  • It must be encrypted using a GeoTrust Wildcard Certificate to prevent any form of hacking or interception

If your checkout page is also made for customer-friendliness, you are sure to win your customers and keep them loyal for years to come.

That’s it folks. There you have it. Some proven ways to ensure that your online store gets maximum conversion and lesser cart abandonments. Do you know of any more ways to boost conversion rates? Feel free to drop us a comment and let know.

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