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Amazon Brings Alexa Inside Your iPhone

Amazon’s intelligent assistant is now there for you whenever you use the Amazon app on iPhone. You can talk to intelligent assistant Alexa while shopping the Amazon app.

You can access the Alexa app via a microphone icon within the app. It can do a lot more than just deal with the Amazon account, like you can shop and track packages, add the things to the shopping list, play songs, get latest news and weather reports, hear a joke or two, reorder any item, etc.

It can also read the Kindle books for you, select the smart home features, answer you so many random questions, and a lot more. It won’t feature the door lock skill, the skill that giant e-commerce introduced last month. The door lock skill allows any user lock and eventually unlock doors with smart lock.

iPhone is the first handset to get Alexa, but it’s not the only one because Huawei has already announced the voice service for its upcoming phone Mate 9. Amazon is going straight forward to the direction of new heights by getting the Alexa on as many smartphones or handset as possible.

A few days back, Huawei announced its new smartphone that is Mate 9, and as per the reports, it is bringing the Alexa to this smartphone. The timings are not confirmed yet, but it’s sure that the update will roll out in the United States and a handful of other markets.

That’s the big step for both Amazon and Huawei. Through this deal, Amazon gets the chance to create a partnership with one of the largest makers of the smartphone in China (by volume). Echo and Echo Dot are the Alexa-enabled devices which aren’t available on china’s site, and if Amazon makes this move, then it could be the effective trojan horse.

Amazon is competing with the other giants Google and Apple for digital assistant supremacy. Virtual assistant in smartphones is now common. Google has the assistant, Apple has Siri, and Samsung is hoping for something better than S Voice.

Any iPhone user can download the latest version of Amazon app from App store.

Amazon has already an App dedicated to only Alexa for the iOS users. That app doesn’t let the users use the full features and assistants. With the updated Amazon app, users will use the dedicated Alexa app for any setting changes. It hasn’t been cleared yet that why the company is bringing the intelligent assistant to its main app instead of the main Alexa app.

Amazon is also not making it clear that if it would bring the same app with the same assistant for the Android users. It is not disclosing its future plans. Studies and the reports say that people too are using and loving these types of intelligent assistants to make their tasks simpler.

In the past few years, Amazon has taken so many steps that are currently in favor of this giant e-commerce. It is also trying to throw away the most reputed mail carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. by creating its own way to deliver packages – Drones.