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An Insight Into The Automation Tools In Salesforce

Salesforce is a popular cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. Salesforce automation tools are one of the declarative tools in Salesforce that increase its power by automating the number of administrative chores that salespeople and their managers must manually execute. Workflow, Process Builder, Flow Builder, and Approvals are some of the Salesforce automation tools offered by Salesforce for automating your organization’s repetitive business processes. Each tool has its own distinct characteristics. The optimal automation software for your needs relies on the kind of business process you are automating.


Workflows are used to automate fundamental procedures that may be described with a single if/then statement. These activities can be immediate or time-dependent. Time-Dependent Actions are reviewed again at the stated time before executing the action. If the criteria are false, the Time-Dependent Action does not execute. Workflow actions include:

  • Field Update
  • Email Alert
  • Send outbound message
  • Create Task

Process Builder

Process Builder is a new Salesforce automation product that allows you to automate all of your business processes in the background. You only view the results when the process is complete. It has all the features of workflows except sending outward messages. It can handle several if/then statements and conduct multiple actions depending on conditional statements in a single process. It can be triggered by a record creation or modification, a procedure, or a platform event. It can create records, tasks, send email notifications, post to chatter, approve records, change linked records, and call Apex code.

Visual Workflow

Input from users and various levels of branching logic is ideal for Visual Workflow. Visual Workflow has two types of flow: screen flow and auto-launch flow. Screen Flow creates a wizard with screens to collect user data and take actions based on that data in your Salesforce org or an external system. A user activity like clicking a link or a button initiates the flow. Like other Salesforce automation solutions, Auto launched Flow runs in the background. The procedure uses it to complete a complex business process. Unlike a process builder, Flows cannot be started by a record modification. However, they can be started using Salesforce Process Builder, a Visualforce page, or Apex code. Flows can also remove records.

Approval Workflow

Salesforce’s Approval Process automates record approval procedures and assigns approvers to each step. It specifies what happens when approvers approve a record, and when an approver rejects a record. The Approval Process allows for Field Update, Email Alert, Task Creation, and Outbound Messages. Initial Submission Actions occur when a user requests approval. This locks the record, so other users can’t edit it while approval is pending. If the request is denied by the approver, the Final Rejection Actions are done, and the approval status is updated to Rejected.

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