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10 Must To Be Added Tools for B2B Content Marketing

If you are into marketing then you don’t need a detailed explanation of what B2B marketing is. In a simple explanation, B2B marketing is known as business-to-business marketing.

It is a kind of marketing refers to the process of promoting products or services to other businesses and organizations. B2C marketing is oriented towards business to consumers. That is directly to the consumers with no involvement of any other business.

However, in a broad sense, B2B marketing contents are more informational and straightforward than B2C. Therefore, relying on content marketing is also one of the important things in B2B marketing.

When content marketing is the only way, then taking help of various tools is not uncommon. This article aims to help you with a guide about 10 brilliant tools for B2B marketing.

Top 10 Tools for B2B Content Marketing 

The good news is, there are handfuls of content marketing tools that make things much easier for you. So, whether you a new player in the field of content marketing or an old horse, these 10 tools will allow you to make the most of your time and energy.

ConvertCalculator – Create Interactive Content Tools

With ConvertCalculator’s sales funnel, you can create calculators, forms, quizzes, sales funnels, landing pages, and other sales and marketing tools that enchant your customers. Turn browsers into buyers with our no-code software builder and optimize each step of the customer journey.

BuzzSumo – Analyze topics and find influencers

BuzzSumo b2b content marketing tool

Before you begin to play in this field, you have to update yourself with the content marketing trends of the industry. BuzzSumo tool will help you with the idea of topics of writing contents, keywords, and also help you find influencers.

Evernote – Gather, Organize and Share Notes

Evernote b2b content marketing tool

Use Evernote to stay more organized about the latest updates and of the content. You can access this tool from any gadget you use. You can share your notes with anybody via this tool. You can add images, PDF, web pages and more.

Kred – Calculate your online influencer

Kred b2b content marketing tool

Your work does not end with producing content and hoping people read it. You have to be connected with influencers who can spread your message in social media and other digital platforms.

Trello – Collaborate with teams

Trello b2b content marketing tool

Trello is one of those effective tools that can take team work to a different level. It has boards, lists and also cards. You can schedule content writing, updating and posting in a jiffy with the help of this tool.

Clickfunnels – Create funnels easily

click funnels b2b content marketing tool

You should always create a sales funnel if you have an online presence. A sales funnel will show you how visitors and turns them into leads. Leads eventually become sales and this funnel can increase your company’s average order value.

Tweriod – Tweet When People Listen

Tweriod b2b content marketing tool

Twitter is one of the best mediums of social media marketing. Therefore, you will always want to bring in a remarkable amount of customers via this platform. Thanks to Tweroid that your work is not easier. This tool will help you figure out the best time of the day to post your contents.

Canva – Keep your consumers dazzled with beautiful images

Canva b2b content marketing tool

High-quality images along with contents are the best way to bring in more customers. People get attracted to beautiful images and surely click on the post. Therefore, use Canva to edit, resize and design your images.

Uberflip – Influence your buyers’ journey


You can use Uberflip to improve your content experience and boost the performance of your website. This is a platform with various tools for content marketing, account-based marketing, sales enablement, lead generation and more.

SEMRush – All under one canopy

Semrush marketing tool

SEMRush will give you a detail insight into all things related to search marketing. This will help you to find out relevant keywords, your Google rank, Traffic, visitors, bounce rates and many more. Do not forget to add this tool without delay as it can save a lot of time and effort.

MailChimp – Email Marketing will be easier

Mail Champ Email marketing tool

It goes without saying that email marketing is one of the major game changer of digital marketing. An email should always be a part of your online marketing strategy. The perfect solution is MailChimp. This tool is totally free for users and subscribers. Thus, do not delay and go for it.

B2B marketing will now become hassle-free if you add these 10 effective tools in your content marketing strategy. Try not to be perplexed and simply go for it.

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