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Best Marketing Tools For Startups 2024

If you are thinking to start up a brand, then apart from the investment, you must also focus on the ideal marketing tool. Every year thousands of startups are springing up all over the world. The main advantage of a startup is that you can give wings to your own unique idea on your own and not by working it for some other organization. That is why; startups are attracted by such independence.

Hence, for a young digital marketing agency or any startup in general, it becomes absolutely vital to choose the correct marketing tools for themselves. The marketing tool will help in the promotion of your brand and the development of the actions and strategies that the company will use the promotion and development of its services and products.

So if you are a startup and thinking to take up your company to a new height, then below are the five indispensable marketing tools that will immensely help you gain footing in the competitive marketing world. Take a look.

Top five tools to look out for startups

1. Trello – Best Marketing Tool

Topping the list of the startup tools is Trello which has been voted by most of the business organizations as one of the most reliable and trusted tools that benefits both the startups and the established organizations. What makes Trello number one choice for startups? Firstly, you will get this project management tool entirely free of cost. Want to make your own business card? On the homepage, you will be redirected to a board where you can create a list that is filled with various layouts of the card.

This card is not only used to make a business card. Actually, it is an innovative card that will help you to create checklists, upload files, and adds comments to it and many more. With this versatile tool, you can organize the project. If you are a writer, you can even write your own eBook which will contain the aim and objective of your organization. You have the absolute control over your project by creating email courses.

2. Slack – Best Marketing Tools for Business

Apart from the Project Management, communication is very crucial for the startups. Slack has been designed keeping in mind with the requirement of the interaction among the teammates, workers and even with other companies. Slack is actually a chat and messaging app that has one of the most beautiful and quirky interface designs. You need to always keep up to date with the communication as the late communication can hamper the customer gaining and the sales scenario which you cannot afford to miss a single one during the initial period.

Slack will give you numerous options such as group chat, instant messaging, connecting via Skype and Word press and many more. You can share bigger and complex files easily and save them in the archives. You can even start a group conversation on a particular topic. It acts as the sharing and social platform in the corporate world. Slack is also available in mobile application which ensures that you will never miss the latest communication and updates from your team members or customers.

3. The Name App

Shakespeare had once said, “What’s in a name?”In this modern brand conscious world, the name has become a determinate factor in deciding the acceptability and the oomph factor in giving a brand deserving fame. As a startup, it is essential for you to think of a unique and catchy name that will instantly catch the attention of your targeted audiences. You also need to have a name for your domain. A name should not only be unique, but it must also be easy to pronounce and remember.

Here where the Name App will come useful. This particular tool will help you to pick up your desired name for your brand or domain. Go to the Name App homepage and type the name that you have been thinking. It will also give you an idea of what your brand name should be. Moreover, you will even get to see if your profile name and user name are available or not. It will also find you the name for your social media advertisement and whether it matches with the product that you intend to manufacture. Right now, its app version is only available for the Apple users. For Android and Windows users, you need to log in to the website of The Name App.

4. Asana – Best project management tool

Asana is a project management tool that has become immensely popular among the startups in the recent years. Your project will be managed more efficiently all thanks to the smart and advanced feature that you will get to have here. The Asana is totally mind-blowing in respect to the dashboards, conventions, tasks and project flow charts. Another factor that has made Asana popular among all the users is its simple interface to use. The only thing that is added in Asana is steeping linear curve. With Asana, you can easily convert all the conversations into the task.

You can also keep track on the progress that your team, as well as your rival companies, have made. Maintaining track and utilizing the dashboard will help you improve your performance. Asana also has an advanced option to comment on any of the works executed by someone else. Asana will be beneficial if your project involves teamwork. The features mentioned above will drastically improve the performance of a team by continually keeping track of each progress. It will also reduce the requirement of the sudden meetings that could prove to hamper your productivity. With one click, the entire team member will be under one roof. Find out more about Asana pricing here.

5. Sumo – Best Marketing Tool

Sumo is one of the useful marketing tools if you are interested in creating quirky content for your marketing campaign. Sumo can be considered as the baggage full of applications. It means you can go for the whole new set of specifications and features if you use this application. The variety of services that it renders makes it one of the indispensable choices among all the marketers. You can add all the marketing tools within its confines very easily. You are getting social share buttons which means you can share the contents of advertisements on the social media platform, by just clicking on the social share button.

You need to link your social media accounts with Sumo first to achieve this. Other things that you can add is the popup windows, video backgrounds, CTA buttons and many more. Such Quirky and attractive features will help you to achieve the increased traffic with the active engagement of the email signups by the customers. While doing all these tasks, it will also collect the data for the performance. Such performance data will help you to improve, marketing strategy with the passing of time.


Apart from these, many more marketing tools are available for budding startups. There definitely is no shortage of the marketing tools if you search for them. But the means that are mentioned above are tried and tested tools that many of the successful startup ventures have used and got immediate results. So if you are a startup, make use of these tools and start your own excellent venture.

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