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Choosing An Ecommerce Mobile App Builder

If you’re searching for information on an ecommerce mobile app builder, you have come to the right place. In this short guide, we will discuss the possibilities of building an app for your ecommerce store.

The fact is most people use their smartphones these days to find things online. It is estimated that more than 50% of people all over the world use their smartphones to get online. This proportion is much higher in many countries where smartphone penetration is much higher than desktop penetration. Therefore, it makes sense for anyone owning an ecommerce store to invest in a mobile app for their online store.

There are several advantages to building your mobile app for various platforms such as android and iOS. As mentioned above, most people spend a lot of time online on their smartphones, but most of their online time is spent on apps. They do not use the mobile browser as much as it is used on a desktop. 

Apps are key to the mobile. Without an app, you’ll find it difficult to sustain traffic in the long run. If you take a good look around, you’ll find that most of the popular ecommerce websites online have invested a lot of resources in building a high quality and intuitive mobile app for their businesses. This mobile app is not treated as just another sales channel, but they have dedicated teams to ensure the user experience on the mobile app is good or even better than the user experience on desktop or other screens.

Customers who download the mobile app for an ecommerce store tend to shop more on that particular store. Also, everybody knows that it is easier to sell more to an existing customer than to find a new customer. When you have an app on the mobile phones of your customers, you’ll find that most of them will keep coming back to you to buy your products instead of browsing the website of your competitors.

Now that you are convinced of the benefits of having a mobile app for your ecommerce store, it is now time to search for solutions that allow you to make a high-quality mobile app using an ecommerce app builder. Thankfully, there are almost unlimited choices in this space. There are hundreds of software solutions that can convert your website into a mobile app in just a few clicks.

Software solutions that convert your website into a mobile app are an excellent choice, but you should also consider hiring a mobile app development agency to build a native app right from scratch. Building a native app from scratch offers several advantages over software solutions used for converting an existing website into an app. One of the biggest benefits of developing an app from scratch is that you’ll be able to use many features that are typically not available with the above-mentioned software solutions.

Before you choose one, you should list the features you would want in a mobile app. For instance, push notifications are necessary these days. Push notifications allow you to communicate with your customers and make them aware of any new deals, discounts, coupons, and other important things. You can also use push notifications to keep in touch with your customers and keep on reminding them about the existence of your app on their smartphone. 

Users these days tend to install hundreds of mobile applications on their smartphones. They often forget about different apps they have already installed on their phone. Push notifications are a solution to this mobile app blindness as just one push notification in a day or once every few days is enough to make them come back to your mobile app whenever they want a product or service.

Since you are building a mobile app for your ecommerce store, inventory updates, and a smooth buying process is much more important. You need to make sure the mobile app solution you choose also updates the inventory as and when anything is added or sold, either through the mobile app or through your ecommerce store. The operation should happen in real-time to ensure customer satisfaction. The customer shouldn’t be able to order anything that is not in stock.

Pay special attention to the buying process on the mobile app. Cart abandonment is one of the most significant issues in the ecommerce space. Please make sure the users can add products easily to their cart, and the checkout process is equally smooth. Customers should be given a lot of payment options. The solution you choose for converting your ecommerce store into the mobile app will affect the number of payment of options you would be able to provide your customers.

Overall, converting an ecommerce store into a mobile app has several advantages, but you need to do your research to choose the right ecommerce app builder. Following the above-mentioned tips should help you in making the right choice.

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