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CNC Machines: Their Faults And How To Fix Them

CNC machines need a solid and continual power flux to assure accurate procedures and high production output. Any problem in the CNC operation damages the goodness of a product and wastes worthy time and resources.  Many companies out there are ready to offer fast repairs and can exchange part of the FANUC power supply to help the machinery operate again. You can contact any company to know more about the possible solutions for your problem.

A power supply can experience failure for several reasons. Many possible problems can lead to this. There is a huge list that shows the issues that might occur. We do not want you to panic, but honestly, some problems might seem scary to non-experts. And that is why we advised you to seek help from professionals who are dedicated to helping you. 

Cleaning the power supply and repairing it requires very critical care and needs someone who can keep an eye on small details. Experts will do all that is needed to assure that the FANUC power supply module is clean and working well.  

An expert will clean all the parts to take out all the waste. They will test the power supply on a closed-loop system to separate and determine the cause of the issue and make a quick repair. Also, they will test the machine after fixing it to assure that it is working well and providing its best performance. 

What do we mean by Fanuc power supply alarm codes? 

When FANUC PSU’s show error alarm codes, we must find a solution. Any similar error could delay the production process and threaten the bottom line. A professional technician will know how to easily deal with these codes due to their long experience in working with such machines. They know what exactly is happening for the CNC machine and its elements. And they will do everything to fix the issues. 

Preventive maintenance is too important 

Usually, professional technicians are not satisfied with little repairs. They prefer to go beyond that. They have their tools which help them clean all the elements quickly to help prevent any issues in the future. This type of professional treatment helps decrease the chance of any possible problems.  

There are many possible types of preventive maintenance. Here are some of them: 

  • Clean and replace fans
  • Remove dust from heat sinks
  • Checking the pin connections
  • Assure the safety of cold solder joints
  • Check elements that might have short work lives

Read some of the FANUC power supply error codes.

FANUC alarm codes differ in type. Few errors, based on the machine and its series, determine the symptoms of an issue, while others directly select the reason. If a company wants any help determining a fault, they may contact any professional technician. Professional companies employ experts who have years of experience to diagnose FANUC faults fastly and can help you know the best way to find the solution. They will do the required FANUC power supply repairs or suggest buying a new FANUC power supply module.

Here are a few FANUC power supply error codes:

1-Alarm code:  01, 1

Message: PSM-5.5 to PSM-11

 Description: The major circuit power module (IPM) has discovered an overload, overcurrent, or control supply voltage reduction. Internal cooling circuit shutdown, Overload, Input supply voltage imbalance, IPM failure, or control supply voltage reduction of the power module.

2-Alarm code:02, 2

Message: N/A

Description: Internal cooling circuit faulty.

3-Alarm code:03, 3

 Message: N/A

Description: The temperature of the heat sink has increased.

4-Alarm code:04, 4

 Message: N/A

Description: DC voltage (DC link) has declined.

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