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Why Businesses Should Include Connected TV in Their Marketing Plans

Are you thinking about using TV advertising in your marketing plan? Television is a great medium to grow your customer base and drive in what your brand ultimately is all about. Yes, you can just use normal advertising to start your marketing off on a good foot, however, why not try out Connected TV? That way you can connect to your viewers on a variety of different channels. Right now, Connected TV is the perfect way to raise your advertising game and increase the visibility of your brand. Here are the main reasons why your company should give Connected TV advertising a try!

What is Connected TV? 

If your TV has an internet connection, then this would make it a Connected TV. With this type of television, you should be able to stream content from a range of different channels and platforms. A Connected TV can even come in the form of a smart device. This is where the internet connection is already built into the TV. With these types of television sets, they tend to be multi-faceted, allowing the use of gaming devices, internet-friendly DVD systems and connected mobile devices. 

Why does your business need to use Connected TV in an advertising strategy? 

Nowadays, the majority of advertisers will use the internet to show off their products and increase brand awareness. This includes advertising on search engines and through social media marketing. If you have a Connected TV, it’s very likely that you can introduce some of your online campaigns to your digital television. If you are ready to capitalise on this opportunity, there are three types of ads that you can use: 

  • In-stream advertisements
  • Interactive advertisements
  • Home screen placement advertisements

All of these types of advertising put you in contact with the right type of customers who will want to purchase a product from your brand. In-stream advertisements are unskippable until after 30 seconds have passed, making them the perfect way to show off your product. Interactive ads are there to provide more information to the clients if they are interested in your company. You can even use them to provide deals and coupons. Don’t forget you can also use a home screen ad if you want a simple approach to gaining attention from your customers. By using a “learn more” button on these types of advertisements, you can pull curious clients to your website.

Streaming services

Connected TV can connect to streaming servers with ease. This includes Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix. You can work with these servers to have your ad placed before or after the content starts. You can even sponsor a programme so that it can appear in the programme itself.

Are you convinced to try out Connected TV? 

No matter what type of addressable media you think suits your business best, it’s crucial that you give Connected TV a try. Having access to the internet is a great way to expand the possibilities of your advertising campaigns. It’s practically a goldmine of opportunities for your brand. So, make sure to start your marketing strategies for this medium as quickly as possible.

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