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Google Pixel 2: The firm evokes the low price version of the smartphone

At the MWC 2017, Google went back on the second version of its Pixel and especially the rumors that evoked a version low price!

Despite these worries a little bit pesky like that of the Bluetooth disconnecting in rather untimely manner, the Google Pixel is one of the best smartphones of the market. So logic that Google is preparing its successor with the promise of better technical characteristics but above all a more efficient material. At MWC 2017, Rick Osterloh, product manager responsible for hardware for the giant, told reporters that the Google Pixel 2 would remain a premium product. We must therefore understand that no, a low price and low-cost version often evoked via many rumors will not see the light. Small budgets will be disappointed!

The screen is built on the basis of AMOLED-matrix, and this gives a lot of advantages. It consumes little energy and produces a very deep black color. The maximum reserve of brightness is not as great as that of Samsung’s flagships, although in general it is enough for comfortable work day in the street. The colors are pleasant, although the overall tone is slightly shifted towards the blue shades. Resolution – 1920×1080 pixels (431 ppi), for five inches, the grain is not visible.

AMOLED-screen Google Pixel 2 inferior matrices of Samsung’s flagships, but still very pleased with the quality of the image.

An important point: if you plan to buy a Google Daydream VR headset for the future, it’s better to choose a 5.5-inch Pixel 2 XL instead of the 5-inch Pixel 2. It does not have Full HD, but Quad HD resolution – for virtual reality it’s much better.

If you like smart phones, in which the screen takes up a maximum of space on the frontal surface, then Google Pixel 2 on this indicator is not a record holder. The frames on the sides are thin, but the top and bottom indents are large. Although personally it seemed convenient: the thumbs do not touch the display during games and watching video.

The Google Pixel 2 at a low price will not exist!

One reason might be that Google Pixels sell extremely well according to Rick Osterloh himself. To such an extent that supplying all dealers becomes rather complicated. The ultimate proof that Google really comes to enter the game of smartphones in an ultra-competitive market. Lack of pot, it will face Samsung and its Galaxy S8, Huawei and its Honor P10 or Apple and its iPhone 8 (whose output could be postponed because of the fingerprint reader). With years of expertise in the field of high-tech, aficionados can have confidence: the manufacturer will be able to offer a Google Pixel 2 performance and less bug. What do you think of this news?

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