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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business?

Instagram, one of the most popular social media sites found over the internet. It has more than 800 million active users over a month. Instagram can serve as a great marketing tool if used in the right manner. Albeit, it has seen some significant growth, it can easily be used for increasing following and reaching out to the target market naturally on this social platform.     

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Let’s check out how you can use Instagram for developing your brand image and grow your customers.

Each Post should Exude Brand Image

This social media channel is all about aesthetics. Whatever images you post has to be impeccable. This should be the same for the feeds. This is the reason, you need to take time to decide what your feed strategy is going to be and thereafter, post photos accordingly. For instance, there are companies that are going to alternate between lifestyle shot and product shot. At times, companies use a certain filter which they use across the board. Decide on your artistic vision and then stick to it. The Instagram feed should convey a story and the lifestyle targets of customers.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

If you have to convey a balanced message to the followers you have on your business profile and avoid being over promotions, it is necessary to pay attention to the rule of thirds.

  • Promotional posts which include posts with products or something which is related to the company.
  • Sharing post is about sharing news related to the industry or even cross-promoting the bloggers, the audience, or some other companies.
  • Conversational posts are the ones which encourage the audience to get involved in a conversation. This can be anything, starting from a contest to asking a question to your followers.

When you find the right balance, you will be able to increase your following and engagement.

Tag Products for Making Them Shoppable

One of the important things that you need to do is tag products. This serves as a clear call-to-action and is going to simplify the purchasing process for your customers. You will notice that there are business accounts in selected countries for tagging products in the post. This is just like tagging a person.

The step procedure is quite simple and will transform the social channel into sales channels just with one or two clicks of a button. Set up a shop section for the business you have and provide customers with the option to check out the website. Wait till you get any notification on the Instagram account so that you are able to start tagging the products. When you post an image, choose tag product option and you will notice a list of all the product that you have uploaded on the website.

Save Time by Curating Hashtags

Hashtags play a special role when it comes to Instagram. It will enable content you put up to appear in the search results and grab new customers. You can do some research about hashtags and save some time in the process. Make sure that you update your list of hashtags as trending hashtags might change from time to time. Do not overuse the hashtags and use the ones which are relevant. The user experience should be your top priority while choosing hashtags.