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How To Use The Right Colors In Your Logo Design: A Small Guide

What color should you use in your logo? We know quite well that choosing a logo color for the logo of your business is not at all an easy task. It takes only one-tenth of the second for a person to form the first impression of another person. 

You will also be really surprised to know that people usually take only 0.05 seconds, or 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your brand just from your brand logo. That means, in order to make the modern logo stand-alone, you really need to do your magic. 

Logos are everything that you are willing to say about your brand, but not by saying it. The logo that you will choose for your brand should instantly be recognizable by all your customers.  

Logos are so recognizable that across the globe, many trivia nights and quizzes have a logo round, where the contestant has to guess the brand name just by seeing the logo. There are some things that are common in almost all of the famous logos.

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The most important part is that they are all simple, and they have also used the best colors and that too in the right way. For your brand’s logo, there is nothing like “one size fits all.” You need to draw sketches, fantasize, and get wild.

Sometimes the craziest idea might be a hit. When it comes to color, there are no guidelines or strict rules that will work. So, you need to be wild to create a recognizable logo. 

Logo Color Can Influences Perception Of Your Brand

Color psychology is the particular study about the hues along with their very influence on human behavior. For branding techniques, color is one of those key pillars. When it comes to deciding the color of your logo for your brand, it is indeed a key player. 

Logo designing is all about imagination, and there is no specific out-of-the-box solution that will fit the requirements of every start-up. For one brand, one shade of color might work, while another brand from the same industry might find any other shade that suits them the best. 

It is really tough to point out some specific colors that will work for your brand. But a little pinch of “color psychology” can actually help you to pick out what actually works for others and what is not. 

Here is a chart that will show you the choices of colors made by the big brands of the world. 

Color Brands
Grey, Silver, Black28%
Gold, Yellow13%

That does not mean that in order to align your brands with the big brand names, you have to choose from these colors. When you are choosing the color of your logo, it is always advised to keep it simple. 

In fact, approximately 35% of the brands use only two colors in their logo and only the rest of the 5% use three or more than that. 

Here is another chart that will show you some famous brands and the colors they have used in their logo. 

Brand NameLogo Colors
Coca ColaRed and White.
McDonald’sYellow and Red.
StarbucksGreen and White.
FedExPurple and Orange.
ColgateRed and White.
IkeaBlue and Yellow.
FacebookBlue and White.

There are also a few brands that use more than three colors; for example, Google uses red, blue, yellow, and green. When you are designing your logo, it is recommended that you keep it as simple as possible and try to stick with two or a maximum of three colors. 


Color psychology reveals a lot about our minds. It has the potential to predict the reaction of an audience along with building a strong identity. But, at the same time, as I have mentioned earlier, it does not have any set path or boundaries. So, when you are choosing the color for your brand’s logo, pay a bit more attention to the color psychology part.