Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task to do. When you are about to begin with your business expedition, it’s nothing less than all hands on the deck. Your entire team, if at all it is there, has to work day in day out to successfully launch your product and once it is out in the market, the response of the audience is what can give you sleepless nights. But even before that, comes the setting up of the startup which requires a lot of  hard work, knowledge, planning, resources, finance, guidance and what not.

Now that the internet has become so crucial for our lives and has a strong presence in each sphere of business, for a startup it is equally essential to have a proper website and also get a unique logo designed for itself. Most of the times, a lot of entrepreneurs miss out on this aspect without realising the impact it has on possible customers or bigger firms which might lend support to the startup financially or in any other manner. You can hire professionals like The Big Red Illustration Agency to get you a perfectly designed logo for your startup.

Let us see why having a well designed logo is necessary for a newly emerging company

Demonstrates your identity

As they say, the first impression is the last impression! So is the case with your startup’s logo. Your startup’s logo will work as the first impression for anyone you are dealing with, maybe a customer or a potential business provider. You logo must therefore be something that suits your identity and business. Your logo is the first thing that will attract the attention of the person you are approaching for any kind of business. Not only this, your logo will be the one thing that will be present on all your business cards, formal documents, website or any other interface. It is this little graphic that demonstrates the identity of your firm and the kind of product you will make.

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Way to get recognised 

Your logos are what that will get you recognition in the general public. Yes, it will take time for you to become the next Nescafe or Twitter, but that does not mean you have to wait till then to get your own logo. Human brain is programmed to remember images better than words and that is the whole concept behind a logo. A potential customer or a business provider will remember your logo more than your company’s name so your logo must be striking and unique. When you are getting a logo made try and keep it simple with both shape and colour. It will be more perceptive and easier to recall.

Shows your professionalism 

If you think you can get away with a DIY logo generator’s logo and manage to get a good image in the market, then you, my friend, are taking it all wrong! If you have a designated logo for your brand, then it shows how professional you are. If you want people to take you seriously, and your customers to remember you then your logo can get this job done for your company. Your logo acts as your professional image and create a professional understanding with all those you are dealing with which a MS word made logo will never do.

One logo, many platforms

In this modern internet age, your business gets to present itself on a plethora of platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube or any other social media place. Not only this, every organisation tends to have its own website as well so that the customers can reach to them directly. In all these platforms, the most crucial thing is to be consistent and easily recognisable. Your logo can be your default picture on all these social platforms making it easy for people to recognise and respond to you. These social media platforms are also the ones that will help you build up the brand loyalty you require, so an enticing logo is what you need to keep people noticing you online.