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List of Scholarships available to study in Australia

The institutes in Australia offers liberty to students to choose a course that suits the goals of the students. The education offered is unique and one of its kind which promotes innovative and creative learning. Students not only develop teamwork but can also communicate effectively and gain the practical and intellectual skills. Studying in Australia is relatively less expensive than studying in the US, UK, and Canada. However, it can still be costly for the Indian students and the students need to plan their expenses well before traveling to Australia. There are many scholarships and bursaries which can be availed by the Indian students while studying in Australia as given below:-

 Government Funded Scholarships:-

  • IPRS (International Post-Graduate Research Scholarship): The applicants aspiring to go for postgraduate Research qualification can apply for this scholarship. The government of Australia offers $ 20m per annum to the Higher Education Providers. There are almost 330 IPRS which are provided to the different HEP’s.
  • Australia Award Scholarship (AAS): The applicants of this scholarship need to sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia. After getting the scholarship, they are required to leave Australia for minimum two years after completion of their scholarship. If the awardee fails to do so then he/ she will have to incur a debt for the total cost of their scholarship.

External Funded Scholarships:-

  • IWC Internship Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to the students who want to join the Master of Integrated Water Management.
  • ARSA Travel Scholarships for Commonwealth Citizens: – The scholarship is for the international students from the commonwealth who are enrolled in a graduate research degree in another country. This scholarship helps the students to visit Australia to consult the leading scholars. The duration for the same is 6 months and it can be extended up to one year (12 months).
  • Flowers across Melbourne Scholarship: – This scholarship can be availed by agriculture, design and technology students. The amount provided is $500 to cover the university costs. The students have to write an essay on the topic given by the Flower across Melbourne on their official portal and submit the same.


University Specific Scholarships:-

  • Macquarie University International Scholarship: – This University offers more than 100 scholarships to the international students. These scholarships are given on the basis of course and merit.
  • Curtin University International Scholarships: – The scholarships offered by this university are 108 in number and each education program has a different kind of scholarship. So you should first choose the faculty or course that you want to opt and then the course type.
  • La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES):- The scholarship can be availed by the students who have scored good grades in their previous education. The scholarships are available for Undergraduate and Postgraduate course, postgraduate research and external scholarship to study in Australia.
  • Adelaide International Scholarships: – The scholarship includes tuition fees for Master’s degree of two years including annual living allowance. The scholarship is also for the three years of doctoral research degree which also includes the annual living allowance which can also be extended only in the case of Doctoral Research degree.
  • University of Sydney International Scholarships: – The scholarships offered by Sydney University offer many scholarships to the students in different fields. There are 4 basic type of scholarships provided by the Sydney University namely, Undergraduate Scholarship, Postgraduate Scholarship, Sydney CSC Research Scholarship and Walter Strong Scholarship.
  • Monash University International Scholarships: – Monash University offers 200 types of scholarships. They are valued up to $ 70,000 either paid in one go or continued for the length of the course.

The students can apply for these scholarships by going on the website of the universities that they are interested in and checking for the eligibility, admission requirements and the important details before applying for the same. The amount of the scholarship in order to study in Australia also depends upon the course and the degree that you are applying for. All the Best!

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