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Don’t worry about the wrongly sent messages- Whatsapp makes you to edit it

The world’s top-rated messaging app Whatsapp has rolled out many new interactive features to make their app more unique than its other competitors. It also reported that the Whatsapp was working more on its new features such as status notifications, live location sharing, Unicode emojis and more. In the list of upcoming attributes, the editing feature of the Whatsapp messages that has been sent to the recipient.

Whatsapp and its acquisition

The messenger app Whatsapp is cross-platform that permits the user to send messages of different file formats such as texts, images, audio files, videos and documents. It was founded in the year 2009 and developed by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. The social network giant Facebook acquired the instant messaging app on February 2014 for about nineteen billion US dollars.

On the time of acquisition, the app had 450 million monthly active users (MAUs) and now it has reached more than one billion active users. This acquisition is considered as one of the biggest accessions after the HP acquired Compaq in 2001 for around twenty five billion dollars. The app has raised only eight million dollars in 2011 from its launch and in 2014, it worth for almost 20 billion dollars.

Back up facility

The Whatsapp first introduced the feature that allows the user to back up all the audio messages, images, videos and chat messages in Google Drive. The user has to select the option from ‘Settings’ tab in the chat list to backup all the data in the respective Google Drive. The app also offers the users to select the backup frequency and provides the options such as daily, weekly, monthly and never.

This feature helps the Whatsapp customers to save their important files in the cloud based storage and it also eliminates the fear of losing the data. It received a huge response from the users and initially introduced only in Android and later available in iOS devices.

Updated revoke feature

WEBetaInfo, the leaker site of the Whatsapp’s new feature has recently released the screenshots, which contains the details of the upcoming new attributes in the Whatsapp.The image showed that the Whatsapp is working hard on many features and some of the features are available for the app’s beta users.

The new edit and revoke optionis the expected feature on Whatsapp where the edit option permits the user to change the content of the sent message to the receiver and revoke deletes the specific message from the both ends.This option will be highly useful for the individual who wants to delete or edit the messages they have send to the other people.

If the user sent any message to the wrong person, then there is no any option to delete or edit that message. In some cases, the user may send a message to the right person with the wrong context. Hence, in both the cases, the sender is unable to alter the text they have sent to the other contacts.

But in the updated version, the app allows the user to make changes in their sent messages and the only condition is that the message should not be read by the recipient. If the message is not read by the user, then this new feature will provide the best solution to rectify the mistake.

Whatsapp’s beta testers

According to the reports, it was found that the Whatsapp is currently working on this feature in the beta version of Whatsapp for iOS. This feature is similar to the edit option in the Facebook’s comment or post and there is no any confirmation about the implementation of this feature.

It is now available for the beta users of Whatsapp and if the user wants to sign up for it, then follow the given instructions.

  • The user must possess a smartphone or personal computer browser and signed in to the Google Play Store using the registered email address.
  • If the user is already logged in the browser, then it will automatically fetch the email address and password.
  • A new Whatsapp page will be open and it shows the option ‘Become a tester’ that will be in blue color.
  • If the user tapped on that button, then it will redirect to another page that is similar to the previous and it displays the text that confirms the user that they have successfully become a beta tester.
  • Then, the user can download the recent beta version of Whatsapp from the Google Play Store.

If the user has signed up for the beta version, then those users can access the latest features of Whatsapp which is still testing by the developers. Hence, the beta testers can have the ability to use the feature before it was officially announced to all the users.

So, being a beta tester provides some experience about the option before it is available to all other peoples. It also permits the user to come back to the normal Whatsapp version at any time.  The user has to visit the page where they signed up for the beta testing program and leave the beta program.In final, they have to uninstall the beta testing program of the Whatsapp and after that the user will become a normal Whatsapp user.

Further updates in Whatsapp

According to the reports, it was predicted that Whatsapp has testing many new features for its app. There is no any official confirmation by the company about the release of these features to the public, but the users can expect these features very soon.

Increase in the file sharing limit

In earlier, Whatsapp allows the user to send only ten media files to any contact, but there will be an update in the limit size. The limit increased from ten to thirty media files. It is already availed to the iOS users and it is still in testing mode for the Android version.

Live Location Tracking

The live location tracking is similar to the Facebook’s Nearby Friends where the user can track the current location of their friends. Likewise, by using this location tracking option, the users can broadcast their ongoing location to the other members in the group chat. It is limited for a certain period of time and the app limits the time of visibility as one minute, two minute or five minutes. It also offers an option called enabled indefinitely that always tells the location of the user to the other selected contacts.

Queuing up of text messages

The major reason of not downloading the Whatsapp will be the inability of the app to queue the sent messages. This option was available in the Android version and the issue occurs there was that the user can receive messages, but could not send the message.

This issue will be solved by the new feature that can queue the sent messages and send to the intend recipient. By this feature, the user can able to send the messages even without any internet connection. The iPhone users will be getting more beneficiaries from this feature because it marks all the messages and sends it when the internet connectivity is available.

These most exciting features are not yet released for the public use and it may be available to all the users in a very short period of time.