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Whatsapp rolled out its official desktop app to Windows and Mac operating systems

Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging app that allows the user to connect with their friends and family with an end to end encryption technique. It is a freeware app and offers free voice calls, text messages, video calls and the ability to send photos, videos, GIFs, audio messages, user location, phonebook contacts, and documents.

The app provides many features and also continuing to offer many new attributes to their customers and this makes Whatsapp a most famous messaging application. It had more than one billion number of users and in February 2014, Facebook acquired Whatsapp for nearly 19.3 billion US dollars.

It has introduced many new services to its users and the most important feature of the app is the launch of the end to end encryption. This feature allows the user to send messages to the other users with a high security and the sent messages will not be read by any other third parties even the Whatsapp could not read the text message.

Initially, the app was available only on smartphones of both Android and iOS operating systems and later it released its web version on January 21, 2015. The Whatsapp web version permits the users to use Whatsapp on their web browser. Recently, it has released its official Whatsapp application for the desktop.

Whatsapp web

Whatsapp is available in smartphones and it can be used in the Windows computer or PC with the help of any Android Emulators such as Bluestacks. But, now the users can use the app in Google Chrome Browser with the help of Whatsapp on their Computer or PC (Mac, Windows XP, 7, 8.1, and 10). This web version is only compatible with Google Chrome browser and not with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firebox. Similarly, the users of iOS devices are also unable to use this web client.

Procedure to use Whatsapp web

If the user wants to use Whatsapp web on their computer, they need some requirements such as the user must installed the latest version of Whatsapp on their smartphones. The PC must be loaded with the Google Chrome browser and there must be stable internet connection available on both the mobile and the computer.

  • The users have to type the URL web.whatsapp.com on their computer web browser.
  • Open the Whatsapp app on their phones.
    • If the user is using Android, tap on the Chats screen and choose Menu and select Whatsapp Web.
    • For Windows and Nokia S60, go to the Menu option and select Whatsapp Web.
    • On Nokia S40 mobile, Swipe the screen from the bottom and select Whatsapp Web.
    • On BlackBerry, go to Chats and select Menu and then Whatsapp Web.
    • For iPhone users, go to Settings and select Whatsapp Web.
    • On BlackBerry 10, select Whatsapp Web by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  • By using your phone, scan the QR code on the computer screen.
  • Navigate to Whatsapp Web from the phone in order to log in to the computers or to log out from the current active Whatsapp web session.

Official Whatsapp for desktops

Whatsapp has officially launched its app for the desktop of Mac and Windows operating systems that allows the user to use the Whatsapp app on their desktops. In earlier days, Whatsapp was only compatible with the smartphones and it can be accessed on the computer through any third-party apps or through the web version.

The company also told that they had launched their application that can be used in the desktops; hence, it can be highly beneficial for the users to stay in connected with their loved ones at anywhere and anytime, even by using mobiles or computers at work or home.

The desktop app of Whatsapp is also similar to the Whatsapp Web version, which is just an extension of the mobile phone app. The user interface of this new launch was also looking similar to the display screen of the mobile app and chat messages and conversations are identical to the mobile device.

Whatsapp desktop clients

The Whatsapp desktop version provides all the common shortcuts and features, which were already available on the web version of the Whatsapp. The only difference between these versions is the new release of the app does not depend on the mobile version for its communication.

This desktop app is available for Mac OS 10.9+ and Windows 8+ and the app will sync with the users’ mobile device. The app operates natively on the users’ desktop and the app will provide support to the native desktop notifications, improved keyboard shortcuts, and more. The user has to visit the Whatsapp’s official page to download the app from the desktop browser. Then, they have to open the app and scan the QR code with the help of Whatsapp app installed on the phone. It is similar to the Whatsapp Web and the new desktop app allows the user to chat with their family and friends when they are not using their smartphones.

In Whatsapp web, the app does not operate on its own and it needs a handset to run the app. The company has focused more on this app and thought that this requirement will help the app to maintain its security. It means that if the majority of the messages are sent to any one specific device, then it can be easily identified that the account has been hacked and it also highly useful to stop the people from using a hacked account.

Whatsapp has focused more on the mobile-first policy and the app requires the users’ phone number for sign up process. It does not permit the app to run on tablets or any other platforms. Now, the desktop app is released for Mac OS 10.9 and succeeding versions and Windows 8 and later.

Additional new features

Whatsapp has been launched many new features for its users and also immensely working to improve the service. This desktop version also has some keyboard shortcuts and it has low memory consumption.

If the users are using Windows, then they can mute the chat with the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M. The chat can be archived by pressing Ctrl + E and can alter the read status of the message by pressing Ctrl + Shift + U. The chat can be deleted with Ctrl + Backspace and Ctrl + F can directly redirect to the search bar, where Ctrl + Shift + N and Ctrl + N can be used to start a new group or new chat respectively. If the user is using Mac, all the shortcuts remain the same, but the user has to replace the Ctrl key with the Command Key.

The Whatsapp’s web version can run on any web browser across all the operating systems, but the native app has some limitations that it supports only Windows 8 64-bit version or newer and Mac OS X 10.9 and later versions. Nearly forty five percent of the desktop users are using Windows 7, but the new desktop client of Whatsapp did not support this operating system.

If the users are using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, then the native app will show the notifications in the Action Centre where it is used to merge all the notifications and provide quick access to some settings and it is present at the right-hand side panel. This app does not contain the voice call feature and if the voice call option brings to this client then this will attain huge popularity among the users.