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5 Major Customer Acquisition Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Is Customer Acquisition at the top of your priority list? If the answer is no! You have answered why your business is having a hard time. If you want to know why your business is not generating enough revenue, try keeping track of your Customer Acquisition Costs and Cost Per Acquisition.

These two metrics will give you an insightful view of why your business is always failing to reach its goals. Customer Acquisition is an integral part of sustaining your business. There is no point in getting new customers for your business if you’re not retaining them.

Customer Acquisition lowers the CAC that direct impact helps with your business growth. That said, without Customer Acquisition, there would be no customer retention. However, you also need to be aware of pitfalls that companies might encounter while attracting new customers. To know more about how CAC and CPA can help the eCommerce business, read more here.

Major Customer Acquisition Mistakes

Running a successful business and ensuring that customers remain loyal to your business results from the collective collaboration of Acquisition, experience, and retention. Unfortunately, most businesses see these avenues with such a narrow vision that they almost overlook the Acquisition. 

It is one of many mistakes marketers and businesses make with marketing campaigns. We have taken this opportunity to highlight the mistakes and solutions to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Inaccurate Customer Acquisition Formula

Are you sure about the accuracy of your Customer Acquisition Cost? If you have never cared about knowing the accuracy, perhaps this is the best time to do so. Most companies do not change the CAC formula even after years. This is one of the pitfalls that brings inaccuracy in the CAC.


As your business expands, it is integrated with several operations—for instance, new employees, new tools, and marketing methods. You should look at the current situation and the resources you are using for the marketing campaigns. 

Mistake 2: Overlooking The Length Of Customer Acquisition Process

Another common mistake most companies make is that they overlook the time period to complete their journey. In the business-to-customer market, the customer’s journey is fairly short. However, if the journey is long, the cost of that conversion window will be more.


By understanding how much you are investing in customer acquisition, you can take the necessary steps to make the process more efficient and streamlined for a shorter window.

Mistake 3: Failing To Publish Engaging Content

Now that you have understood the elements that help your calculator the true value of your CAC, it is time to look into different elements which further elevate the results. Unfortunately, most companies are short-sighted and only focus on paid promotional campaigns. Well, it indeed brings immediate results, but it is also true that these campaigns are short-lived.


Publishing engaging content that offers tailor-made solutions to the audiences can go a long way. You must understand that the chances of a new customer stumbling on your website and making a purchase are very few. You must be proactively exposing your business to the audiences to let them know about your business. This can only be done by creating engaging content.

Mistake 4: Exceeding Your Budget

Just because you have a few aggressive customer acquisitions doesn’t mean you can exceed your budget just to attract a handful of audiences. But, unfortunately, most businesses think that doing so might be profitable for the business and forget that they are only helping increase the CAC.


Start by monitoring your current spending and finding inefficiencies in the process instead of just investing more when you fail short of budget. 

Mistake 5: Neglecting To Build Relationship

No business can survive in isolation. It needs to build relationships with the customers, partners, vendors, and dealers to sustain the business. Maintaining a good relationship with others helps to leverage the relationship with the audience. 


Co-marketing is one of the best ways to build relationships. It helps you share the audiences, brand awareness, and results. 

Take Your Customer Acquisition To The Next Level

When it is about Customer Acquisition, start with understanding the cost you are paying to bring in one new prospect to the business. Go through the sales funnel and try to read the situation. Find the loopholes and leakage that can seal off the customers getting out of the sales funnels. This will help you reduce the CAC.

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