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The Best Laptops Designed for Remote Work

Remote working is the new norm in many parts of the world. With the increased implementation of work-from-home policies, many people have turned to laptops for remote work after losing access to their office laptops. Currently, 42 percent of the U.S. workforce is working from home, which indicates a major change in the economy. To adjust to this new era of remote-working, you need a good laptop that can handle all your professional tasks. 

A New Work From Home Era

The technology required for a work-from-home economy has been out there for almost two decades now, but it’s never come to the forefront before as prominently as last year. Certain technologies are no longer feasible or viable for the gig economy during this global pandemic, including laptops and other portable smart devices. As things have changed over the past year, remote working has also shown its pros and cons to a global workforce becoming increasingly dependent on it. 

Technologies and opportunities that have traditionally remained in physical workplaces have transferred to digital ones such as Zoom meetings, automation software, and more. When something goes wrong, it can be detrimental to your workday. Fortunately, you can find a repair technician easily. Just search up ‘find laptop repair near me’ on your search engine to get a list of laptop repair professionals in your area who have a good reputation.  

The Best Laptops for Remote Work 

There is no specific laptop model that’s best in the market—different laptops come with different specs for different purposes. The technical specifications mainly work around speed, memory, storage, and weight. Depending on brand and quality, there are certain laptops that are better for remote work:

  • Microsoft Surface Book 3– The Microsoft Surface Book 3 is the most dependable laptop on this list if you’re looking to work long hours on it. The device packs quite the punch, having a battery life of 17.5 hours which will last you two-thirds of the day. The technical specs are nothing to sneeze at; the processor is a 10th Generation Intel Core i7- 1065G7 processor coupled with a RAM slot that can support up to 32 GB of RAM.
  • ASUS Zenbook 13– The Asus Zenbook 13 gets the prestige of being the lightest work-from-home laptop on this list by a large margin. This lightweight laptop weighs only 1.14 kilograms which is light enough for even a child to carry. The Zenbook 13 has a 10-hour battery life that will be more than enough for most. It comes with a 3.9GHz Intel Core i5-8265U processor and 8 GB RAM, which can power through most programs and software.
  • MacBook Air– When it comes to memory and storage, the Macbook Air takes the lead in this list with the most memory storage of 256 GB. While many other laptops have up to 500 GB storage capacity, they can’t offer the same level of specs as the Macbook Air.
  • The device comes with the most cutting-edge Apple processor that came out last year—the Apple M1 chip with 8-core CPU. Solid processor performance combined with a battery life of 11 hours makes this the perfect catch. The only downside is the price, which can be considered a little high.
  • HP Envy X360– The HP Envy X360 is the fastest laptop in this list, powered by AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700U 2.2 GHz+ processor, which currently is one of the most popular picks in the market. Aside from the processor’s impressive performance, the device also has a touch screen feature and 13 hours battery life. But all this speed comes at a price—the cooling fan can be pretty loud, which you will need to adjust if you decide to go with it.

Choosing the Right Laptop for the New Work Economy

Choosing the right laptop for your work is very important in this new economy. Make sure you buy one that fits your budget and requirements, so you don’t have any regrets in the long run. Ensure you do enough research before going for the final purchase.

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