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Which Is Better Apple Or HP Laptop? | Best Buy Laptops

In the computer world, most people focus on the brand whenever they want to find a good laptop. Whether it is for their personal use, enjoying online games such as Drift Hunters MAX or official/professional use, anyone would consider the brand of the computer before buying.

Over the years, two mega brands; HP and Apple, have dominated the computer world, and they have also been the top competitors. The competition of these two brands has been so tight that customers are finding it difficult to choose between a Mac or HP laptop. But really, should you buy an Apple or HP laptop. It is difficult to decide between the two without exploring the factors that you should keep in mind as you choose.

That being said, here is a detailed comparison between Hp and Apple laptops to help you choose wisely.

Build and Design

The first point of comparison goes to design and build. Apple laptops come with an aluminum unibody that makes the looks and feels strong. They are lighter in weight, tougher and thinner too compared to the Hp laptops. This means that the Hp laptops will usually be made of durable plastic. However, the major drawback of Apple laptops is that they have been making their units with the same approach for many years. This seems outdated and somewhat boring if you want to use something that feels and looks new.

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However, Hp’s most recent units the Envy 15 and 17 laptops come with aluminum unibody chassis, but with a black or gray colored lid. There are also lack bezels around the screen along with back-lit keyboards. This gives the Hp units an upper hand because they look better in design.


The design of a laptop is not such a major aspect if you want one to perform some heavy project. Generally, the performance of a laptop is more important than its design. There is a tight competition from each brand because they both come with advanced features to boost the performance.

But when tested, the performance of Mac laptops tends to lag when compared to that of HP laptops. Specifically, if you are an avid gamer, don’t look further than an HP laptop. They come with a good processor, a reliable RAM, enough hard drive space, and the right graphic card for the game. This way, you can be sure of playing your games that demand a lot of specifications for it to run. Plus, Hp laptops are compatible with most of the graphics cards out there. Apple laptops aren’t.

So, does that mean Mac laptops are not good performers? Absolutely not. If you are more into producing and editing music, you should always go for an Apple laptop. However, a Mac may not be the right choice for video editing. For instance, their iMovie software doesn’t have enough features for professional video editing.

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Operating System

You need to consider this option before you buy any of the laptop brands. The operating system will determine your overall performance and expectations.

It is no news that Apple laptops run on Mac OS and Hp laptops run on Windows. The latest Mac releases come with the OS X Lion, which is the most recent Mac OS version. The Mac OS tends to be more complicated and less common compared to Windows. If you have never used it, it can be a challenge to get around your laptop.

On the other hand, Microsoft Windows comes with a user-friendly interface that lets you access and navigates through with ease. Plus, Windows tend to be compatible with more software in comparison to the Mac OS. Most of the software developers out there make their software for Windows and rarely for Mac OS.

But if you want to run programs that are developed for Windows on your Mac, you can do so using a Windows emulator. You can even play games on your Apple laptop with a Windows emulator, but the performance will still be compromised.

In general, Windows tend to be a better OS than Mac OS https://www.pcmag.com/feature/364860/ . So if you want to use the Windows OS, consider buying a Hp laptop instead of a Mac Book.

But one major area that Mac OS wins is when it comes to security and stability. It is very difficult for your Apple laptop to have a virus attack than it is for your Windows (Hp) laptop. But with a good antivirus program, you will be good to go.


In terms of the price, Hp takes the lead if you are looking for value for money. Generally, Apple laptops are very expensive, and that makes them less popular among the average customer. But on the other hand, Hp laptops come at affordable prices, and you can pay for more if you want a better performer.

A Hp laptop that goes for roughly $1,000 would be considered a high-end and a great performer. With such a machine, you can perform a lot of stuff without being worried about lagging and poor delivery. But the same price tag would get you an average Apple laptop, which would be reliable for professional and heavy projects. There is always a difference of +$500 for Hp and Apple laptops of the same caliber.

So, if you want to save on money and get the best machine at a favorable price, hp laptops are the one to go for. But if you prefer class and don’t care about the price, you can still go for the overly priced Apple laptops.

Which One Should You Go For?

This depends on your needs and how much you are willing to spend. Hp laptops that run on Windows tend to be great at overall performance and when handling heavy projects. However, you will need a reliable antivirus for you to stay safe from the common cyber attacks. Luckily, they are cheaper and offer you good value for money. Plus, most of them come with long warranty coverage.

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Generally, in terms of the performance, user-friendliness, 3D and HD support, and price, Hp laptops take the lead. But when it comes to the design and battery life, class, and battery life, the Apple laptops win. All in all, choose a laptop that suits you accordingly. Always consider every possible factor before buying any laptop.

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