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Mompreneur: The Best Business Ideas in Dubai, UAE

Never limit yourself. You can be a mom and pursue your dreams simultaneously. Jordan Ferney, the founder of Oh Happy Day! has earned her millions running an event planning and party supply business.  Elle Rowley got into the business of fabric baby wraps and launched her brand Solly Baby frustrated with not finding the right baby gear for her kids. Food blogger Angela Liddon has won several awards and has millions of followers on her blog. What is special about these ladies, you may ask. All of them and dozens like them have earned their fame without stepping outside their homes. Welcome to the new world of Mompreneurs where responsibilities at home and career aspirations run hand in hand. 

While motherhood is the most special feeling on the planet for any young woman, it no longer needs to come in the way of your career. In fact, for most Mompreneurs, it is their home and family which tops their list of priorities and they enjoy working from their homes taking care of young families. Let us now walk you through some of the best business ideas you can explore sitting in the comfort of your homes. 

  • Event Planner – From family bashes to corporate events and reunion parties, event planners are in great demand these days. After all, every person or group wishes to make the events memorable and this is where you can earn well as an event planner. The good news is you don’t need to be physically present at the locations to manage these events. All that you need to do is build a good network of caterers, decorators, photographers, musicians and other professionals that contribute to making an event successful. Understand the clients’ needs over phone or email and just network with your partners to successfully manage the event from your home and you can earn well. 
  • Dress Rental Business – Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you seldom wear? Do you have Halloween wear and an expensive prom outfit which you no longer have any use for? You have a goldmine to start your business. With the right networking skills and offering a wide range of clothing and accessories, you can start your dress rental business without investing a penny. As your business grows you can add to your renting options. 
  • Meal-kit business – Everyone loves home-cooked food but in today’s fast-paced world most people don’t have time to cook those delicious and time-consuming recipes. In Gulf countries with a large population of migrants slogging it out everyday meal kits or pre-portioned and partially-prepared food ingredients have become very popular. You can start your business and send these kits to your clients. 
  • Set Up an E-commerce Site – You can’t compete with the likes of Amazon and neither do you need to. There is plenty of space for niche e-commerce businesses. If you can design clothes or other things at home you can start your own e-commerce site. Instead of having to pay hearty commissions to these platforms you can ship the products directly to your customers and earn handsomely. 
  • Become a YouTuber – Do you love playing with the camera? Can you review products? Can you cook delicious recipes? YouTube offers you an ocean of opportunities. There are few other career options for Mompreneur as lucrative as this one. For every 1000 views on your video or so you can pocket anywhere between $1 and $10. As your subscriber base grows so does the views on your videos and income. All you need to do is choose a niche where you have the expertise and earn your way to fame. 
  • Custom Tailoring – Why waste the design skills that you picked up in your youth as a budding fashion designer? People are looking beyond the top fashion labels and want to explore the work of new designers. Custom tailoring is a booming business where you listen to what your customers want and translate their ideas into reality. Create the apparels and accessories and deliver it to the customers and you have your recipe for success. 
  • Online Writing Business – Can you weave magic with words? Do you enjoy writing? With every business embarking on digital marketing campaigns the need for quality content has also grown manifold. Most digital marketing agencies prefer to outsource Copywriting, Ghost Writing, Press release writing, Proofreading and Blog writing to freelancers. You can take up as much work as you want and choose niches that you wish to write about. This generates a steady flow of income every month. You can also start with your own writing agency and build a team of freelancers.  
  • Social Shopping Marketplace – Do you have thousands of followers on your Instagram and Facebook handles? Why not explore entering into a social shopping marketplace. Share your experience about products that you have used and influence others to buy them. It is similar to affiliate marketing with the only difference being you promote products that you have tried out or ones that you have set your eyes on. The product makers would pay you a commission on each sale that you are able to offer them. 
  • Interior Designer – Interior designing has been a preferred career option for women over the years. But you no longer need to step out of your home to start this career. You can tie up with a local furniture maker and review their products. You can share home décor ideas with your followers sitting in your home. If you can spare a few hours every week you can assist your customers in decorating their homes and offices physically or simply share the ideas based on their needs sitting in your home. 
  • Coaching and Mentoring – Online coaching and mentoring are fast-growing business these days. As people look for personalized coaches and mentors you can get into this business from your home. From language courses to school and college coursework people are looking for one-to-one coaching and you can offer personalized coaching. On the same line, you can also start with mentoring workshops. From motivational talks to those that center on life skills the opportunities to be explored is immense. 
  • Home Cooked Food Delivery – In a region of expats such as UAE and the Middle East the demand for home-cooked food delivery has seen exponential growth. If you have good culinary skills and confident about managing the logistics side of the business, this one is surely for you. All you need is to run a strong social media and word of mouth campaign. Profit margins may be initially low but once you have a decent number of daily orders you will see your business grow. 
  • Travel Business – As connectivity improves and the world gets closer the number of people traveling has also increased exponentially in the last few decades. Technology allows you to run a travel business from your laptop without having to meet a client physically. Set up partnerships with resorts, hotels, cab operators and different organs of the hospitality industry and you can earn healthy commissions from facilitating people’s pleasure and business trips.
  • Virtual Assistant Business – As technology enables people to work from remote locations the demand for Virtual Assistants is on the rise. If you have experience of working as an assistant before this is the perfect job for you. If you haven’t worked in this role before you can definitely give it a shot. All that you need to do is be organized in your work and assist individuals and businesses. From managing their meeting and appointments to attending calls you need to do all that an assistant does in an office sitting in the comfort of your home. 

Who says you can’t be a good mom and enjoy a flourishing career sitting in the comfort of your home? Explore these UAE based Mompreneur ideas and you will enjoy the best moments with your kids and also take pride in your career accomplishments. 

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