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Nathalie Bevis: Achieving a Low Maintenance Garden | Gardening with Kids

A stay-at-home mom and active community volunteer, Nathalie Bevis maintains a busy lifestyle—one that often be quite demanding, if not downright stressful.

This is why Nathalie Bevis seeks out activities that provide an escape from the everyday routine—those that can provide both enjoyment and relaxation in simple yet often profound ways.

One activity she particularly enjoys is gardening—specifically that which requires a low amount of maintenance, and that takes as little time away from everyday responsibilities as possible.

There are several ways to achieve a successful low-maintenance garden, including:

Thoughtful planning beforehand. A good, well-thought-out garden design can help you avoid common gardening problems and make your garden easily accessible.

The ‘less-is-more’ approach. Keeping things simple, such as planting no more than 1-2 crops, can make gardening both easy and enjoyable.

Choose low-maintenance plants. Picking pest- and disease-resistant plants that are hardy enough to withstand a variety of weather conditions can help reduce your gardening workload.

Nathalie Bevis: Gardening with Kids

Nathalie Bevis is an Alpharetta woman with a busy schedule and a successful career as a corporate event planner. She lives and works in Georgia with her husband and kids, and she moved there from Canada, her home country. Gardening is one of her favorite hobbies to keep her home looking beautiful for the family and to relieve stress from a busy schedule. She often gets her hands dirty with her kids by her side to help them learn good hobbies for life.

Getting Kids Interested in Gardening

Parents like Nathalie Bevis know that all kids are different and have their phases of what they like and don’t like. Observe your kids’ behavior and pick a style of gardening that suits them. Would your kids like to grow things they can eat, like veggies, berries, or herbs? Or would they prefer to organize a pretty container of flowers and decorative plants? Start here and try offering suggestions that they might enjoy to coax them into the garden with you.