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QR Codes are Everywhere, But who are they for? 5 Very Different Ways to Use a QR Code

QR Code is a quick response code for the next generation of barcodes that were initially used to track cars while manufacturing. The codes are found everywhere and on almost everything. You can find them on billboards and business cards and many other items. QR codes are 2D barcodes that store over 400 alphanumeric characters in a small vertical and horizontal space.

You can easily create a free QR code generator, which you can readily read from any direction using a smartphone application. QR codes are popular in inventory management in the manufacturing sector, advertising, networking, marketing, streaming, and various social media platforms. You can use QR codes to make your daily business life comfortable, and here are some ways you can be successful using QR codes.

Planning a wedding

Are you or your family planning a wedding? You can easily use QR codes on the wedding materials, such as invitation cards that can help give a virtual type of wedding package. It gives the wedding attendees an option of travelling comfortably and light. They can have access to an e-ticket, a virtual map to the function, travel directions, and any relevant information the guests need to save them the hassle of calling to get the directions.

Promoting a local band show

Suppose you are planning on promoting your local band, you can use a QR code on your business cards to include more information such as social media handles, website, professional profile, and photos. It helps reach many people, and the information will summarize what to expect and where the show will be. You can quickly scan all the details using a smartphone and save them. It’s an excellent strategy to use to promote the show and ensure its success using minimal resources.

Promoting a school social event

You can use a QR code to promote a school social event successfully by highlighting the event’s information. You can operate a QR code URL to link your visitors to the event’s page; this is a great way to track how much traffic visits the page and how the response in attendance will be. You can also print adverts, and once you establish how many visitors you expect, the organizers can be assured of the function’s success.

Making a restaurant menu

You can use a QR code on business cards and menus in your restaurant; it’ll help you manage your inventory, as it allows you to track product prices, menu, recipes, and serial numbers to help check stock. 

In Job Hunting 

If you are looking for a job, it’s easy to find vacant positions by scanning through the business cards that have every information you need. A QR code makes it more accessible, and you can access the jobs using your smartphone. Billboards and posters with QR code URL links may also help in your job search. 

In summary, you can quickly generate QR codes to pack relevant information about services and products into a small space to access the masses and see your business thrive. It’s safe to use.

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