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Radiology PACS from Sepstream: Solutions That Are Dependable and Affordable Sepstream

The healthcare industry is one that is constantly evolving. There has never been a greater need for patients to have access to the best possible care, and this path will only continue over time. Thanks to companies like Sepstream, diagnostic imaging and radiology can benefit from cost-effective and dependable Cloud and Web-based PACS systems that improve patient care.

How does the PACS System function?

When it comes time to retrieve the X-ray film, the Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) can store it in an electronic format, making it simpler. As opposed to having film coats spread across a wide range of rooms or cupboards looking out persistently for their resulting use, this new Cloud Pacs framework permits you to get at your information from anyplace with only a single tick

The Cloud PACS System from Sepstream:

With the assistance of a cloud-based Picture Archiving and Communication System (Cloud PACS), you can put your attention on providing care to patients rather than dealing with irritating IT issues. There are no unexpected costs associated with traditional systems, unlike in the past, when these were not adequately planned out before launch, thanks to Sepsream’s predictable subscription for everything from deployment to support to system updates!

Even better, if anything goes wrong during their implementation, your anytime/anywhere access provides reliable, dependable backup archives that reduce business continuity risk while maintaining efficiency standards, primarily through its partnership with industry leaders who specialize in performance medical devices and technology solutions.

Web-based Sepstream System:

Sepstream’s Web-based PACS have gained popularity due to their ability to provide users with optimal care from any location. Because the system has a single user interface and operating system, doctors can work hard in any environment without having to manage multiple databases or systems! As a result, you can quickly and easily access online images, ensuring that you never miss an important practice event.

PACS’s Essential Components:

A Single PACS for Every Modality: Sepstream, the next generation of medical image management, is able to process all DICOM modalities, including MR, CT, and PET scans. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with other types of non-DICOM imaging, such as X-rays and fluoroscopy video clips, giving you a complete picture of your patient’s medical history at any point during his visit to our clinic!

Error can be removed from the Modality Worklist by Sepstream:

The software known as Sepstream makes it simple to create an order for each of your imaging modalities. You can use SepStream with any electronic medical record (EMR) or hospital computer system, and we will automatically pull data from that system so you don’t have to manually fill out all of those fields!

Everything comes directly from their chart with a single click on our interface. This means there will no longer be any phone calls between doctor offices trying desperately not to make mistakes when transferring orders between specialists looking.

Slipstream offers Workflow and Routing Rules:

Using routing rules, you can automate your workflow with Sepstream. Save time for everyone in the system by sharing studies across organizations and locations! Please send them to any PACS or modalities that are required based on user-defined parameters, and send electronic documents rather than hard copies between departments whenever possible to avoid paperwork.

When it comes to document management, Acusign’s next-generation medical imaging software suite offers unparalleled efficiency. Users from multiple departments can work together effectively with this program, and unlike emails of today, files can be shared immediately without waiting days.

Trustworthy cloud storage:

It is essential to have a reliable and secure method of storing your information in today’s world of digitization. Sepstream has come up with a novel solution that will let you protect all of your images from harm while also making it simple to access them at any time!

The cutting-edge software of the company offers flexible cloud storage for imaging. Users can consolidate their files into a single repository, making it much simpler for them to obtain specific permissions or prior knowledge regarding the images and videos stored there.

EHR Integration of Orders:

With Sepstream’s EHR Order Integration, imaging orders can be placed from a doctor’s office or hospital by integrating patient health records and imaging management. The most advanced solution also makes it possible to view scans without having to leave an MRI workstation by using a single interface!

The medical industry relies heavily on PACS and DICOM, but what exactly are they PACS makes it easy to access and store images like MRIs and ultrasounds. Dicom files can be easily shared across multiple devices by sending them over a network socket. This could be helpful for doctors who want quick turnaround times on patient data from multiple sources. Consider how much time we saved with our iPhones when Google Glass came out!

Sepstream is a cutting-edge business that automates clinical and business workflows for medical imaging:

The key to a successful practice is adaptability. Because Sepstream is cloud-based, you can distribute your site and maintain remote communication without spending a lot of money on network infrastructure. You can also provide seamless access from any location with an internet connection! You could even connect each module to our PACS system, which will store all data in one place and save time on back-office tasks like finding images or transcribing medical records.

Sepstream’s additional radiology software solutions for today’s challenges include:

RIS Sepstream

For radiologists looking to improve productivity and streamline their work, Sepstream’s RIS is the ideal choice.

Evolution of Sepstream PACS

The brand-new Sepstream PACS solution is about to revolutionize radiology workflow. Today, enhanced data security, cutting-edge web technology, and a more user-friendly user interface will boost your radiology productivity!

VNA, or vendor neutral archiving,:

Vendor neutral archiving (VNA): Imagine having access to all of your data on a single screen. Sepstream, an innovative, vendor-neutral archiving service offered by Sequestrator Software Inc., will facilitate this for you by quickly and easily presenting everything, regardless of whether it originated as a video file or a CD report.

The last sentence:

We at Sepstream think that automation of radiology workflows and PACS should be as simple as possible. Your workflows will be streamlined by our software, allowing you to concentrate on providing excellent care to your patients. Before making a purchase, you can try out our product for free to see how it works. To learn more about Sepstream and determine whether this technology would be beneficial to your organization, visit the website!

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