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SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting: Which One to Focus On?

You probably knew it wasn’t going to be that easy, but they never told you SEO would be this complicated. On top of everything – a gazillion ranking factors, on-page and off-page SEO, you now need to master the difference between SEO in content writing and SEO copywriting to get your SEO marketing off the ground.

The good news is that SEO in content writing and SEO copywriting are two sides of the same coin. You can learn a whole lot about the other by studying one, but a few key factors can make all the difference. 

We know you’re probably way over your head already in SEO, so we’ll keep it really simple. This quick guide will help you quickly set SEO goals and accomplish them. 

What is SEO Content Writing?

First, the basics. SEO content writing services refer to top-funnel content designed to enhance the visibility of a site on search engines. It helps generate leads for a product or service by attracting organic searchers through valuable, keyword-focused content. 

SEO content writing in India is all about educating, entertaining, and inspiring organic searchers, offering unique solutions to their pain points and queries. 

Most ranking factors for SEO content revolve around user experience. Search engine crawlers usually look for signals relating to how well your SEO content can serve the audience. 

What is SEO Copywriting?

On the other hand, SEO copywriting refers to bottom-funnel content designed to rank on search engines. It revolves around navigational, commercial, and transactional searcher intents, targeting prospects that are far advanced in their search journey. 

Rather than educate and entertain, SEO copywriting is meant to convince and convert. Herein lies the key difference between the two. With SEO copywriting, you don’t just inform your audience, you persuade them into a certain course of action. Oftentimes, SEO copywriting is more about copywriting and less about SEO – less focused on keywords and other ranking signals and more focused on persuasion. 

When Should You Hire an SEO Content Writer?

SEO content writing is about generating awareness and warming up your prospects. It introduces organic searchers to your brand’s unique personality and voice. It also helps establish expectations, building credibility and prepping readers for direct marketing. 

SEO in content writing helps you rank higher for keywords, build high-quality backlinks, increase your organic traffic, and turn website visitors into leads. Thus, in a content writing agency, SEO content writing plays a vital role. Hire an SEO content writer if you want to get more eyeballs on your site and carve a name for yourself in your space.

SEO article writing services can help you create content such as:

  • SEO-friendly blog posts
  • SEO-friendly service pages 
  • Local SEO content
  • Link-building posts and SEO guest posts
  • White papers

When to Hire an SEO Copywriter

While SEO content writers are conversant with important on-page SEO factors and storytelling, they need a different set of skills to convince prospects to take action. SEO copywriters are in the business of targeting and converting a certain type of organic searchers. 

Now, SEO copywriting requires good copywriting skills, but a good copywriter isn’t necessarily good at SEO copywriting. You need a specific set of skills to convert traffic from different sources. For instance, a Facebook ad copywriter might not have the same level of success with print marketing materials. An excellent SEO copywriter understands a searcher’s psyche and tailors content for maximum conversion. 

SEO Copywriters create content like: 

  • Business or product page
  • PPC landing pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Call-to-action button 

Elements of Successful SEO content 

The world of SEO content is always on the move, but some things just never change. Here are some of the most important things to consider when developing SEO content:

  • Tailor your content to both humans and search engines – you won’t go far if you focus on just one side
  • Provide an incredible reading experience, offering reading value that can’t be found anywhere else
  • Write attention-grabbing yet easy headers and subheaders
  • Incorporate excellent storytelling. Use personal anecdotes, case studies, and user-generated content for more intrigue.
  • Double-check for on-page SEO factors – make sure your meta titles have the right keywords and character count, and use the right keywords strategically in the headers and body.
  • Write actionable content – give readers a sense of direction with actionable tips and insights. Use effective CTAs strategically throughout and include social share buttons.
  • Don’t stuff keywords – it’s like shooting yourself in the foot. There are many free tools to calculate the right keyword density for your post
  • Use multimedia to enhance engagement.
  • Write easily-readable texts with short sentences, concise paragraphs, bullet points, and lists.
  • Test, test, test. Track your SEO content to find out which topics and pages perform best. 

Tips for Successful SEO Copywriting 

The above tips can also help you with SEO copywriting – captivating headers, the right keywords in the right places, valuable and actionable content. 

Here are specific tips to help you develop an SEO copy that appeals to readers and converts them to subscribers or buyers:

  • Study your searcher intent closely – make sure you’re targeting the right keywords and searchers.
  • Ensure optimal site speed. You’ll only have just a few seconds to impress most of your site visitors, and even much less time for those looking for a business to buy from. Ensure you don’t lose those few seconds to slow load times.
  • Be clear, concise, and focused – make sure every line is on point with your main proposition.
  • Master the art of persuasive writing – study as many copywriting resources as possible.
  • Incorporate high-authority page links – yes, linking to authority sites can also help enhance the visibility of your SEO copies. 
  • Use a laid-back, fun tone – get rid of unnecessary terminologies and keep it conversational. A little humor here and there won’t hurt.
  • Incorporate real-life stories and case studies

Raise Your SEO Marketing Game

Now you know what it takes to write successful SEO content and SEO copy. Get your searcher intent right, understand the important SEO factors for each type of content or copy, and master the art of persuasive writing. Crush your SEO marketing campaign by applying these tips today.

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